Name of the responsible structure : Saraî Média Lab
Type of structure: non for profit association
Profile of the initiators of the project : artists
Continent : Asia
Country : India
Address : Saraî CSDS, 29 Rajpur Road, Delhi 110 054, India
Tel : (9111) 395 1190, 396 0040
Fax : (91 22) 493 9071
Mail :
Website :
Contact : Ravi Sundaram, co-director


Sarai, the new media initiative in Delhi is a non-commercial space for an imaginative reconstitution of urban public culture, new/old media practice & research, and critical cultural intervention.
Inaugurated in february 2001, Sara௠is a well equiped space where scholars, filmmakers, free software programmers, video artists and web designers, media activists and media theorists can gather and collaborate across disciplines, styles, specializations and culture.
Among its numerous objectives Sarai’s aims :
- to become an engaged and integral part of contemporary urban culture within the city of Delhi.
- to foster interdisciplinary research on urban culture & politics and media history & practice.
- to create contexts for collaboration between practicionners & scholars.
- to enable and empower non-elite and neighborhood media practitioners with new skills through workshops and collaborative activities.
- to establish a network of new/old media activists.
- to function as a centre for creating and exhibiting original work.
- to curate exhibitions, support the creation & exhibition of new multi-media works, films and performances.
- to work towards the creation of an independent community radio broadcasting culture.

Former use : new building
Owner of the building : the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies


Multimedia laboratory
Cyber room / Multimedia space
Meeting rooms
Art gallery / exhibition space
Ressource center, specialised liberary

Social and artistic disciplines

Media Research & Theory, Mediapractice, Media history
Free software Development, Web Based Practices
Multimedia & DigitalArt
Workshop & seminars
Lecture / Talks / Presentation
Advocay & Education
Filmvideo / multimedia screenings
Interactive website
Online journal
Archive & Database
New Media & Language in South Asia
Urban history, Culture & Politics

Financial support

Daniel Langlois Fondation


SouthAsian Network
International Exchange & Collaboration Programme