Name of the responsible structure : Sakeshi Gallery/synergy Art Foundation Ltd
Type of structure : private Foundation
Profile of the initiators of the project : private gallery
Continent : Asia
Country : India
Address : 39 A1, Sri Ram mills Compoun, GK Mar, Lower Parel Mumba• 400 013
Tel : (91 022) 4910 728-29
Fax : (91 022) 4910 730
Mail :
Website : srinivas/ind_dom.html
Contact : Geetha Mehra


From a previous space in Mumba௠(Altamount road), in 1997, Geetha Mehra mooved the Sakshi Art Gallery to an industrial space, in Parel precint. The earlier space had reached its limits of growth and the activities was limited.
Getha who also has another Gallery in Madras had ideas on developing a whole range of art related activities like library, a workshop, a café, etc. that together under one roof would make a quantum leap for Sakshi Art Gallery.
The mill shed had to be preserved and architect Rahul Mehhrotta was the perfect choice for that. The awesome volume of industrial space makes a perfect setting for Sakshi’s multi faceted activities.

Former use : mill shed
Surface of the site : 14,000 sq.ft
Architect of the rehabilitation : Rahul Mehrotra
Foundation year : 1997
Type of occupation : rent


Art gallery

Social and artistic disciplines

Visual arts exhibition – commercial activities
Workshop for deserving artists
Plateform for stimulating performances