Name of the responsible structure : EVAM – International Centre For Reserach and Artistic Creation
Type of structure : non for profit association
Profile of the initiators of the project: artists
Continent : Asia
Country : India
Address : F-2 (G.F), Silver Anklet, Yari road, Andheri(w) Mumba௠61 - India
Tel : (9122) 6345253
Fax : (9122) 6301294
Mail : akumar@bom7.vsnl.net.in
Website : in construction
Contact : Atul Kumar – The Company Theater Director


Evam is a project under construction. Conscious of the need to be accecible to other culture as well as gain access to them, a young theater company from Bombay called The Company Theater has decided to direct its efforts towards an ambitious plan – that of founding “ EVAM ” - an International Center for Research and Artistic Creation.
Amongst its members , The Company Theater has several professionals who have many years of experience on national & international platforms. It has always encourage inter-cultural exchanges and has supported any initiative that explores new form of artistic expression.
Evam will be an independant non-profit association, a space dedicated to an artistic research, creation, training,in all its forms. Conceived as an international center of ressource and dialogue, it workspaces will be made available primarily to artists pursuing interdisciplinary or intercultural projects.
The company theatre wish to create a space to sustain and give birth to new languages, new forms of expression which simultaneously guarantee the identity and value of each culture.
The construction of Evam should start in 2001, in the suburbs of Lovanla, a small city between Mumbai and Pune (100 km from mumbai & 60km from Pune).
Situated away from the noise and crowds, EVAM will overlook hills and a lake, a location that will doubtless favor and encourage the process of artistic creation,thought and research.

Former use : new building
Surface of the site : 4 acres of land will be bought
Architect of the rehabilitation : Mr. Himanshu Burte
The architects will take care to keep the environmental wealth intact,water-harnessing techniques will be utilized to conserve rainwater and solar energy cells will be installed to generate power. Local contractors and material will be used for construction.
Foundation year :2002 / 2003
Type of occupation : At the present moment, The Company Theater has the means to acquire the land required for construction of the centre. They have been assured financial support from a number of individuals and organisations around the world.
Owner of the building : The Company Theater


Workspace for children – for education and workshop
Gallery space – to exhibit work produced by Evam
Library – to house books, video and music collection
Rehearsal spaces – separate spaces for Music, Dance,Theatre
Auditorium – indoor & outdoor
Residencies – artists, directors, visiting faculty & artists, administration, labour and security
Common kitchen and dinning room
A seminar/lecture/class-room for meeting and discourses
Store rooms – extension for storage of all material
Tailoring room – for fabricattion of all costumeds and other tailoring functions
Water and electricity supply – extensions to house generators,pumps and other machines
Office – central structure for administration purposes
Common Laundry room

Social and artistic disciplines

Artists residencies for creation
Workshop and training in all artistic discipklines, with conductors and participants invited fromIndia and internationally
The creation of a network for creators and producers in India and internationally
A permanent reflection on the necessity of construction of dialogue and well-reasoned approachto intercultural and inter-individual relations
Access to artists, to scientific researches and results that will optimize their capabilities and enlarge their field of artistic possibilities
To adopt neglected & less fortunate children ; to take responsabilities for their education and upringing ; and depending on their dispositions, direct themtowards training and for future professions relating to artistic creation, be it administrative, technical or performance

Financial support

Not confirmed :
Ford Foundation
European Union, European Commission
Rockfeller Foundation
Smithsonian Institute
Department of Culture, Govt. Of India
Sangeet Natak Academy, India
India Foundation of Arts
The Netherlands Fund of Performing Arts


The Company Theatre is closely associated with other organizations promoting culture in Bombay and other parts of India.