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Name of the responsible structure : ruangrupa
Type of structure : non profit organization
Profile of the initiators of the project : Artists
Continent : Asia
Country : Indonesia
Address : JTebet Barat Dalam IXA No. B1
Komplek Kejaksaan
Jakarta, 12810
Phone/Fax: +62-21-8300211
Mail :
Website :
Contact : Ade Darmawan , Lola Kandina, Indra Ameng,  Farah Wardani,
 Laurentius Daniel

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ruangrupa was formed in January 2000, initiated by six Jakarta based artists. The main idea was to provide the intimate and autonomous art workspace for artists to live and work intensively within a period of time. This all started from the lack of working space for artists in conducting their explorations, experimentations, research, having meetings and presenting their works and ideas, especially in Jakarta.
Our aims are to develop a form of analysis of the autonomous individual artistic work against the background of identity; furthermore, ruangrupa works on theoretical investigation about art in relation to the social and cultural elements.
We work together a lot with many other young artists, in a horisontal structure to support and mediating fresh ideas who address visual art as a cultural practice which is interesting for debate in visual art and the relation with social - cultural discourse, especially pertaining to Indonesian contemporary culture.

Former use : residence house
Total surface of the site : 260 square meters space,
Location : city
Foundation year of the center : 2000
Type of occupation : contract
Owner of the building : private

Infrastructures / Facilities :

- One residential room (4x4 meter) with shared shower, toilets and kitchen.

- Three spaces, for exhibition and working, in total 100 square meters.

- Studio : image developing process, video and sound editing.

Social and artistic disciplines

Artist residency program

The artist will work in an individual project. This program is open for artists [groups and individuals, Indonesian and foreign] who address visual art as a ‘cultural practice’ which is potential to stimulate discussions. It is also open for those who are enthusiastic about sharing different points of view, exploring and interacting with the Jakarta urban surrounding.

The residency program could run over a span of a maximum of one month. In the end of the working period there will be a presentation of the works. ruangrupa will only accept a maximum of three artists in residence in one year.


Art project / Workshop

The starting points for the themes in this program are issues that are still and could be significant to be raised in visual art and social-cultural discourse, especially pertaining to Indonesia. The art project / workshop will involve a number of artists from different backgrounds, they will stay and work together in the ruangrupa space.

The theme/subject is expected to mediate the interaction and exchange between artists that come from different backgrounds. It will open the potentialities for either collaborative or individual works. 


Weekly Video Screening (Rabu Video Klub)

Ruangrupa has a great number of videotapes of documentaries, short & experimental films, video art projects, and other audio-visual works by many independent artists from various countries that are rarely seen by common audiences in Indonesia. The videos in the collection are mostly obtained fromthe art projects and networking that have been done by ruangrupa since it was established. In order to provide a chance for more audiences to see this collecion, from mid-2002, ruangrupa has been holding a video screening program every Wednesday at the exhibition space, called ‘Rabu Video Klub’. The program is also open for many Indonesian independent artists/filmmakers to screen their works at ruangrupa, and also encourage them to develop their creativity.


Monthly Discussions/Artist’s Talk

In 2003, ruangrupa will start a monthly program of discussion/artist’s talk, held at ruangrupa space. The program is open for artists to talk about their project, presented in various forms, such as text, slide shows and video screenings. This is also open for art scholars, students, researchers or even common audiences to hold discussions with themes of their choice.



ruangrupa exhibition space was set up in the end of year 2001. A space for presentation has an important role for artists in Jakarta, especially for artists with fresh and experimental ideas currently there are lacks of possibilities to show the works in conventional spaces. There will be maximum six exhibitions in the ruangrupa space in one year.


‘Karbon’ Art Journal

Our four monthly journal has been published as an output media and an analytical reference to reach and stimulate discussion among broader audiences. The journal focuses on art and essays on culture that relate to the documentation, and research of ruangrupa.

The editions of ‘Karbon’ are published in two languages [Indonesian and English]. The journals were distributed in few big cities in Java and all cultural center /organization all over Indonesia. Outside Indonesia the journal were distributed to few organization and artist initiative in different countries related to the RAIN network.


Financial support

Since 2000 supported by The Netherlands  Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Co-Operation and Development through RAIN artists’ initiatives network and the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten-Amsterdam

In 2003 ruangrupa also supported by Hivos

In several projects we work together and supported by the cultural center of foreign countries in Jakarta; Goethe Institute, Japan Foundation, Erasmus Huis, French Cultural Center Jakarta, and British Council.

Co-operation with art and cultural Institution, organization and artists collectives in Indonesia; Jakarta Art Institute, Jakarta Art Centre (TIM), Jak@rt Festival, National Gallery Jakarta, Trotoart (Jakarta) Cemeti Art Foundation [Yogyakarta], Cemeti Art House, Barak Art space - R.I.P. [Bandung], Taring Padi (Yogyakarta), Apotik Komik (Yogyakarta), Anonim Space (Malang-East Java), Bandung Centre for New Media Art (Bandung).

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In the year 2000, ruangrupa become one of the partners in RAIN International Network The partners at RAIN network are: El Despacho (Mexico City, Mexico), Open Circle (Mumbai, India), Centre Soleil d’Afrique (Bamako, Mali), TRAMA (Buenos Aires, Argentina) PULSE (Durban, South Africa), CEIA (Belo Horizonte, Brazil), and Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten (Amsterdam, Netherlands).

Facilitated by Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten Amsterdam, the network focused on set up the virtual network, exchange artist, information, publication and documentation.

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