Name of the responsible structure : Common Room
Type of structure :
Non Profit Organization
Profile of the initiators of the project : Artist Collective/Artist Initiative Space
Continent : South East Asia
Country : Indonesia

Address/tel/fax :
Jl. Kyai Gede Utama no. 8
Bandung 40132
West Java
tel/fax : 022-2503404
Contact : Gustaff H. Iskandar
Niken Anggrahini


Established in August 2003, Common Room is an artist initiative space which is co-organized together by Bandung Center for New Media Arts (BCfNMA) & Klab Baca - Toko Buku Kecil. Both organizations decide to share this space for various activities and purposes, such as exhibition, workshop, discussions, small-scale music concert, public lecture, residential program, etc. Common Room becomes an anchor for both organizations and along with the increasing quantity of co-operations; a new structure emerged and developed. No longer a physical space, it is now a transit space facilitating both sides. It is a melting pot of many events, facilitating the needs of dialogues, conventions, and inter-disciplinary collaborations, to liberate a discourse from its limitations. Common Room activities conclude a vast sphere, starting from documenting and exploring phenomena, ideas, models, and new concepts born from inter-disciplinary approaches in the field of visual arts, urban architecture, music, fashion, literature, and further study for urban culture.

Former use :
Private house
Total surface of the site :
+ 380 square meter
Architect of the rehabilitation :
T. Ismail Reza (Architect),
Gustaff H. Iskandar (Artist)
Renovation costs of the building :
+ Rp. 200.000.000,- (+ USD. 21.000,-)
Location :
Foundation year of the centre :
August 2003
Type of occupation :
Free-lending contract
Owner of the building :
Reina Wulansari

Infrastructures / Facilities

- Facilities
Parking space
Common Room
Kitchen (shared)
Toilet & shower (shared)
Guest room (2 single bed)
Computer workshop (shared)
Studio (shared)

- Equipments
Slide Projector
Over Head Projector
14", 21" & 29"Television
DVD, VHS, VCD Player
3 Windows PCs
DSL internet connection
Inkjet printers
A4 Scanner
Digital camera

Social and artistic disciplines

- Encourage the growth of independent local communities, in term of economic, social and political context, trough various activities such as discussion, workshop, music concert, exhibition, residential program, and other regular programs. The community development is focusing on the field of visual arts, urban architecture, music, fashion, literature, and further study for urban culture. This point aims towards the development of independent civil society.

- Create a sustainable local community by providing facilities to support community programs. This include developing network of cooperation towards local, regional, and international scale, for wider information access and gain more knowledge and economic opportunity to support community development.

- Facilitate a dialogue space to bridge multi-disciplinary cooperation through people to people connections, and network connection with other institution/communities within various economical, social (ethnic and religious groups) and political backgrounds. This dialogue space will stand for working on certain negotiation, transaction of experience and knowledge, as well as mutual collaboration to achieve a common goal and opportunities for those who actively involved.

- Build a collaborative working method to transfer an experience-based knowledge, to enhance further creative development and working experience both on personal and collective level. As a methodology, this point aims to focusing on knowledge dissemination, and sharing working experiences as an open source activity trough self-initiative resources.

- Further knowledge dissemination to share working experience, assisted with critical comparison towards already existing theory or model of knowledge. Every activity in Common Room will be regularly documented and evaluated. On other level, various records and documentation will be elaborated and distributed through printed or online publication.

Other structures/organisations resident on the site

Bandung Center for New Media Arts

Klab baca - Toko Buku Kecil

Financial support

Public donation, sponsorship, non-commercial & commercial projects


Local networks:

- Faculty of Fine Arts & Design, Bandung Institute of Technology
- Philosophy Faculty, Parahyangan University, Bandung
- Deutsche Internationale Schule, Bandung
- Jendela Ide, Bandung
- Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung
- Galeri Kita, Bandung
- Galeri Soemardja, Bandung
- Biosampler/Cerahati, Bandung
- Rumah Proses, Bandung
- VideoBabes, Bandung
- Room No. 1, Bandung
- IF Venue, Bandung
- TRL Bar, Bandung
- Bentara Budaya Jakarta
- The British Council Jakarta
- Japan Foundation Jakarta
- Centre Culturel Francais Bandung
- Goethe Institut Jakarta
- Goethe Institut Bandung
- Artnivora, Jakarta
- ruangrupa, Jakarta
- Jakarta International Film Festival (Jiffest)
- Minikino, Denpasar
- Rumah Seni Cemeti, Yogyakarta
- Yayasan Seni Cemeti, Yogyakarta
- OCC, Yogyakarta
- Rumah Seni Yaitu, Semarang

International Networks:

- Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam, NL
- Digi-Arts UNESCO
- Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)
- Inter Society for The Electronic Arts, Amsterdam, NL
- M-Cult, Helsinki, Finland
- Theatreworks, Singapore
- Sarai, India
- Video Art Center Tokyo, Japan
- The Tanzquartier Wien, Austria

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plan of the building
Modified on Friday 29 May 2009