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Name of the responsible structure : Cemeti Art House / Rumah Seni Cemeti
Type of structure : semi non profit association
Profile of the initiators of the project : artists
Continent : Asia
Country : Indonesia
Address: JI.DI.Panjaitan 41 / Yogyakarta 55143 / Indonesia
Tel / Fax : +62 (0) 274 371015
Mail : cemetiah@indosat.net.id
Website : www.cemetiarthouse.com
Contact : Mella Jaarsma, Nindityo Adipurnomo

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Cemeti Art House founded in 1988, aims at exhibiting and communicating the works of Indonesian and foreign contemporary artists. The activities organized by the house each year includes exhibitions, performances, site-specific and happening art, discussions, slide presentations, aand artists talks.
The Cemeti Art House building was designed in 1999 by a gifted local architect and includes the exhibition space, the studio and storage space, the garden, and office space.
In 1995, the Cemeti Art Foundation was founded and operates independently from the Ceemti Art House.
Nindityo Adipurnomo and Mella Jaarsma founders of the Cemeti Art House and both artists themeselves, are responsible for the daily operation of the House.

Former use : new building, specially designed for the art activities
Surface of the site : 520 m2 , exhibition space 168 m2
Location : city
Foundation year : 1988
Type of occupation : purchase
Owner of the building : Nindityo Adipurnomo


Exhibition space
Entry (Traditional Javanese house, ’Limasan’)
Stock room
Studio and storage

Artistic et social disciplines

Visual art : production / exhibition / workshop / artist / talk / lecture / discussion / performance

Other structures settled on the site

The Cemeti Art Foundation and Cemeti Art House function as two separate organisations, each with their own funding and vision. Cemeti Art House focuses on exhibitions and promotions of a selected group of artists. Cemeti Art Foundation focuses on documentation(artists files and events), information (library), exchanges and art education.

Financial support

Grants or private donations do not support the Cemeti Art House.
The money earned by selling works from the stockroom was/is just enough to cover operational costs. In some art projects, mostly when foreign artists are involved, Institutes like the Japan Foundation; Embassies, etc give a support for the artists.


Many contacts in Asia