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Name of the responsible structure : REX
Type of structure: NGO
Continent : Europe
Country : Serbia
Address : 16 Jevrejska street
Tel/fax: ++381.11. 3284 534 ; 3284 398 ; 3284 299
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Website :
Contact : Katarina Zivanovic, director :


The B92 cultural centre, REX is a laboratory for research of new fields of culture.
REX was formed, by the name of Cinema REX, in 1994. Starting from the fact that Belgrade needs many places where it can develop its artistic potentials. It provided the conditions for realisation of new and presentation of current projects of domestic production from the field of theatre and visual arts, music, film, video, new media; we organised workshops, promotions and discussion. Being actively involved in current social and political movements, REX has offered the possibilities where official institutions couldn’t or didn’t want to offer. We have been fighting cultural elitism, developed the network of intensive co-operation with colleagues throughout Yugoslavia, have realised the projects in co-operation with colleagues from ex-Yugoslavia. The centre is a member of the TEH (Trans Europe Halles) network of European independent cultural centres and the coalition of centres for creative development and use of new media (the ECB network - European cultural backbone).
In our work - due to turbulent political events - we went through a number of phases from 1994 till April 1999, we were situated in 16 Jevrejska Street (Cinema REX). During the bombing till the beginning of 2000, we worked in flats of our collaborators and presented local production over the Internet and through programmes we organized after the bombing in various venues in the city (Cyber REX). >From January till the beginning of December that year, we worked in rented offices carrying out projects in friendly institutions in Belgrade and all over Serbia (REX). In November 2000, REX returned to 16 Jevrejska Street.
REX functions as an independent non-governmental and non-profit organization.

Former use : Jewish community house, cinema, storage space
Surface of the site : 300 m²
Foundation year : 1994
Location: city
Type of occupation : lease (rented for the period of 10 years)
Owner of the building : City of Belgrade municipality "Stari grad"

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- 1 main multipurpose space (for concerts, performances, exhibitions, shows, debates)
- 1 multimedia space
- ’improvised’ bar

Artistic and social disciplines :

Contemporary theatre : Creation / Production / Diffusion / Workshop / Debates

Music : Diffusion / Workshop / Training

Contemporary dance : Creation / Production / Diffusion / Workshop / Debates

Heritage/Architecture : Production / Diffusion / Debates

Visual art : Production / Diffusion / Workshop / Debates

Multimedia : Residencies / Creation / Production / Diffusion / Training / Workshop / Spaces rental / Lecture / Conferences

Cinema / Audiovisual : Production / Diffusion / Workshop / Debates

Radio : REX is part of B92 (Radio production and other activities of B92 includes TV, music
production, publishing), see

Solidarity / Citizenship : Debates / Lecture/ Conferences

Press : doing PR for events organized and produced by REX and B92

Financial partners

Swedish Helsinki Committee
Dutch ministry for foreign affairs
Fund for an open society (Soros)
Foreign cultural centers in Belgrade
European Cultural Foundation


ECB = European Cultural Backbone

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