Name of the responsible structure: O3ONE
Type of structure: non for profit organization
Profile of the initiators of the project: photographers, designers, art critics
Continent: Europe
Country: Serbia & Montenegro
Address: Andricev venac 12, 11000 Beograd
Tel: +381 11 323 87 89
e-mail: office@o3.co.yu
Website: www.o3.co.yu
Contact: Milica Pekic Conev, Aleksandra Grujovic, Marko Stamenkovic


A not-for-profit non-governmental organization founded in 2004 to support contemporary visual arts and cultural production emerging in the new market economies. Primarily known for a dynamic exhibition program (with a centrally positioned exhibition space located in the exclusive downtown area, next to the Federal Parliament and the Belgrade City Hall), where various discursive public programs (presentations, lectures, workshops, conference-related events, and promotions) also take place on an ongoing basis. O3ONE is committed to cultural and intellectual diversity with a focus on contemporary art practices, thus enriching the cultural landscape in the city of Belgrade and the production climate in Serbia. Being oriented toward project-based cultural initiatives, it serves as a multimedia working platform open to all creative and innovative actors operating in the various communicative fields of culture, economics, business, and media, both locally and internationally. O3ONE is the winner of two significant awards: GALLERY OF THE YEAR 2005 (by TV Metropolis) and the BIZART Grand Prix 2005 (by The Ministry of Culture - Republic of Serbia) for the most - successful partnership between cultural/design sector and business sector in Serbia.

Former use: Art Gallery
Total surface of the site: 150m2
Location : city / center
Foundation year of the centre: 2004
Type of occupation: rent
Owner of the building: University of Arts - Belgrade / Legacy

Cross Section Map

Infrastructures / Facilities

Exhibition Space : exhibitions, presentations, promotions, screenings, workshops, lectures, seminars, festivals, press-conferences, cocktails, parties, concerts.

Ground Floor Map

Technical Equipment:
- COMPUTER SYSTEM: Apple Mac platforms with HD cinema display monitors
- PROJECTORS: HP beamers / XGA
- INTERNET: Wireless Internet Environment
- SOUND SYSTEM: 3 Individual Sound Systems
- LIGHTING SYSTEM: Ambient and Spot-light lighting system
- ADDITIONAL: Microphones & table stands and chairs, Bar, Toilets, Wardrobe
- PRODUCTION CAPACITY: Multimedia, Design & Web-design, Video, Audio

Social and artistic disciplines

Contemporary art exhibitions (design, photography, internet, installations, architecture, video, performance, fashion, science, new technologies), screenings, multimedia events, presentations, lectures, workshops, concerts, festivals, promotions, press-conferences, parties, public ceremonies, publishing. Ever since its official opening in October 2004, O3ONE has organized over 180 events, visited by more than 200 000 people. In 2006 O3ONE initiated the Belgrade Festival of New Communication [B-link] on an annual basis, and established a strong cooperation with the significant local and international organizations and manifestations.

Financial support
Mixed / public & private

O3ONE cooperates on a project-basis with local and international cultural institutions and also with economic and business organizations.

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