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Name of the responsible structure:
CZKD - Center For Cultural Decontamination
Type of structure:
Profile of the initiators of the project :
Individual artists, cultural workers, social/political activists
Continent: Europe
Country: Serbia
Tel/Fax : + 381 11 681 442
Mail :
Contact : Borka Pavicevic


The Center for Cultural Decontamination (CZKD) in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, is an independent, supranational cultural institution which, since 1993, has worked on reviving the liberal spirit of arts and public discourse under impossible conditions. On January 1, 2001, the CZKD celebrated its 6th anniversary at the historic Veljkovic Pavilion, where it had over 2000 exhibitions, performances, and public events. The aim of the Center is transforming social atmosphere that has been contaminated by orchestrated nationalism, hatred and destruction. Its events to date have attracted thousands of persons of all ages, from all walks of life, as well as much attention from domestic and international media.
Unaffiliated with any political party or government organization, the CZKD both produces events and provides a venue for artists and cultural workers to work with colleagues from abroad and from other former Yugoslav lands. It is an open professional forum where persons can freely articulate their reactions to events transpiring around them. Housed in the ruins of what was once the first private museum of European art in the Balkans, the CZKD has been slowly rebuilding the rubble into a space that is both sanctuary and crucible.

Former use: Before WWII, gallery/ sculpting atelier. During WWII, sealed warehouse. The warehouse was left to ruin until 1995.
Surface of the site:
Location: City
Foundation year: 1995
Type of occupation: Rental
Owner of the building: Family Veljkovic and municipality of Belgrade


-  "The pavilion" - multipurpose space for exhibitions, performances, debates and other events
-  "The ballet hall" - rehearsal space for dancers and actors, small conferences and lectures
-  "The conference room" (in reconstruction) - space for debates, conferences, lectures up to 40 people
-  "The yard" - open air space
-  "The Garage" - CZKD gathering room
-  "The Library"

Social and artistic disciplines

1. Within the community:
-  social and political actions and movements
-  artistic actions (performances, exhibitions, animations...)

2. Within the Center:

-  exhibitions
-  performances
-  debates
-  lectures
-  presentations
-  hosting of other NGO’s and independent institutions programs (meetings, presentations, social and artistic actions)

Financial support

-  Fund for An Open Society
-  Swedish Helsinki Committee for Human Rights
-  other international NGOs and foundations
-  Local and regional informal networks (civil society movement, womens initiatives, other progressive movements..)

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