Trans Europe Halles is the European network of independent places of culture, for the majority installed in waste lands rehabilitated in multidisciplinary artistic centers. Created at the beginning of the Eighties, TEH joins together currently more than 44 members coming from 25 European countries.

For this edition, Trans Europe Halles Meeting63 was held for the first time within a Baltique state, in Lithuania.

The X-ray one of this meeting had as a will to discover the Lithuanian cultural independent scene. The occasion during this meeting to make us explore new territories like Estonia, Latvia, Bielorussia, Ukraine and Russia where many independent places emerged.

Art Printing House , our host, is currently a member of the network since many years, into full phase with rehabilitation.

Meet of a place of Utopia to the turning of the streets, full with creativity:
Uzupis Art Incubator

Modified on Friday 26 October 2007