The opening up of cultural institutions to a new public in Europe,
towards new territorial cultural policies

21 and 22 November in Reims, France

Over the last twenty years, cultural policies in a number of European countries - France, Germany, and Great Britain - have resulted in the multiplication of various cultural facilities: exhibition halls, concerts, libraries.

Has cultural democracy, the prime objective of this policy, been obtained? If we observe the present day cultural practices in Europe, access to culture and artistic practice remains the prerogative of certain social categories. However, innovative experiences are taking place in Europe for a different public.

How are the cultural institutions linked up with their territories? Do they play a role in innovation and project experiences? Do they contribute to better participation of citizens in cultural life?

With the help of different illustrations, the constitutive elements of the various steps required to carry out a project have to be determined, with a view to suggesting new perspectives for cultural policies.

Programme (can be modified)


- 9h00 Welcome session
- 9h30-10h30 Official opening
- 11h-13h Plenary session : introduction

- Jean Hurstel, Banlieues d’Europe (France) ; François Matarasso, Comedia (United-Kingdom) ; Jean-Pierre Saez, Observatoire des Politiques Culturelles (France) ; Raymond Weber, Forum des réseaux culturels européens (Luxembourg)
- 13h Lunch
- 14h30-18h30 Workshops
- Evening in a cultural venue in Reims


- 9h Welcome
- 9h15-11h Workshops
- 11h15-13h Plenary session : Workshops synthesis

- 14h30 General assembly of Banlieues d’Europe network

WORKSHOPS (on subscription)
(can be modified)

Workshop 1 - Innovative forms of the opening up of cultural institutions to new public :
Democracy of cultural projects, in new enterprises and new dynamics: How does the cultural institution establish its relationship to the territory? What is its relationship with the community, and with new artistic forms?

- 1 A Friday 2.30 -4.30 pm
Bernard Foccroulle, Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie, (Belgium)/ Uta Plate, Schaubà¼hne of Berlin, directed by Thomas Ostermeier (Germany) / Alain Patrolin, Town of Reims (France)

- 1 B Friday 5- 6.30 pm
Guy Darmet, Maison de la danse (France) / Bruno Verbergt, Antwerpen Open Association (Belgium)/ Fernando Pereira and Ana Duarte, Museum of Setubal (Portugal)

- 1 C Saturday 9.15-11 am
Isabelle Pousseur, Théâtre Océan nord (Belgium)/ Borka Pavicevic, Centre for Cultural Decontamination (Yugoslavia)

Workshop 2 - New forms of cultural democracy
How do artistic projects address themselves directly to the community, to a neighbourhood, a town, or a territory? How do they take up public space? What relationships do they establish with cultural institutions?

- 2 A Friday 2.30 - 4.30 pm
Pauline Ronsyn, Street Library of Tournai (Belgium) / Roberto Maria Ricco, Teatro Kismet (Italia) / Liz Gardiner, Royston Road Project (United-Kingdom)

- 2 B Friday 5.- 6.30 pm
Wolfgang Zinggl, Wochenklausur (Austria) / David Boyd, The Beat Initiative (Ireland)

- 2 C Saturday
Josette Baà¯z, Compagnie Grenade (France)

Workshop 3- New venues, new artistic forms, new networks :
Industrial wastelands, virtual sites, and new modes of artistic communication are alternative responses to the democratisation of culture: how can we construct the new dynamics of partnerships? What form of citizens’ commitment do these projects attract? What are the responses brought by these projects to the limitations of cultural institutions?

- 3 A Friday 2.30-4.30 pm
Yvain von Stebut, Spraylab and the Théâtre Royal de Namur (France/Belgium)/ Christian Potiron, Truc Sphérique (Slovakia) / Alain Lapiower, Fondation Jacques Gueux (Belgium) / Georges Cyprien, slam (France)

- 3 B Friday 5- 6.30 pm
Levi Tafari, urban griot (United-Kingdom) / Fathia Zazoui-Drix, Muséum d’histoire naturelle de Lyon (France)

- 3 C Saturday 9.15-11 am
Fazette Bordage, Réseau autre-parts (France) / Silvia Cazacu, Banlieues d’Europ’est network (Romania)

- Workshop 4 - Training in artistic practices
The democratization of culture takes place through discovery, knowledge, and the practice of cultural and artistic activities: how can training of the public and professionals reply to the new definitions of the role and the actions of the cultural institution?

- 4 A Friday 2:30 - 4.30pm
Jean Przyklek, Collectif Alpha, Mariska Forrest, Ateliers de la banane (Belgium) / Daniel Rottner, Falkenheim Gallus (Germany) / Christian Sébille, Studio Césaré (France)

- 4 B Friday 5 -6.30 pm
Stevan Vukovic, Remont (Yugoslavia)

- 4 C Saturday
Sarah Levin, Banlieues d’Europe (Europe)

The meeting will be translated in French and English

Programme and Organisation

- Banlieues d’Europe : Jean Hurstel, Sarah Levin,
Myriam Bentoumi, Frédérique Ehrmann

- Town of Reims : Jean Perrin, Alain Patrolin

- Contact Banlieues d’Europe :
13a, rue du Hohwald -67000 Strasbourg - France
tél./fax. +33 3 88 22 24 43 -

This meeting benefits from the financial support of the French Ministry of Culture (DDAT and DAI), the Ministry for the Town (DIV), the European Commission (DG EAC), the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs of Champagne Ardenne, the Town of Reims and the Administrative Department of the French government in charge of investing and lending of public money, of the Direction des Affaires culturelles of Champagne Ardenne, of the FASILD Champagne Ardenne and of the Fondation Entente franco-allemande

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