Name of the responsible structure:
La Cupa
Type of structure : Collettivo
Profile of the initiators of the project : Collettivo
Continent: Europe
Country: Italy
Adress: Via della Cupa di Posatora 3b 60100 Ancona
Tel: 0039-071-42013
Sito web:


The self-managed settlement “La Cupa†comes to life july the 18th 2007 through the taking-possession by a group of guys of a former nursery school that was closed 15 years ago and left uncared for ever since.
It is located in Ancona via della Cupa di Posatora. Resorting to such a controversary choice as squatting was due to the common need for many young people from Ancona to have a place where it was possible to enjoy the possibility to express themselves by creating music , sculptures, painting and multimedia arts.

These requirements were joined by the impelling need to lay the foundations for the development of a true and constructive sociality, unhooked from commercial or sham logics.
That’s why a group of volunteers, joined by these beliefs, has reclaimed the garden, disposed of the dumping taking charge themselves of the expenses and completely restructured the building that, after being left abandoned for years appeared heavily decayed. This was done during the whole summer of 2007.

Thanks to this activities, it has been possible at the end of September 2007 to set up a three-days cultural event called “RiCreazione†(“ReCreation†) with live exhibitions coming from more than 30 artists, public displays, dance and video performances and concerts. This event started a long series of social and self-financing happenings as “aperitivi†dinners, movie screenings, theme parties and concerts.

The incomes provided by these activities allowed the creation in the rooms of the building a serigraphy and tailoring workshop, a little movie set, a video-editing room, a free internet point and a rehearsal room.
Contemporarily La Cupa hosted rehearsals of various non-resident theatre companies and free African dance, drums, didjeredo and break-dance courses.

During the summer of 2008 La Cupa will host for an artistic residence the theatre company “Zoroteatro†just coming back from Sarajevo (Bosnia-Erzegovina), will deal with the organization of a music festival and the advertising of self-productions through the setting up of a self-managed market, and will promote DJs from the Marche region, by organizing the first Street Parade ever seen in Ancona.

Former use of the building: School
Total surface of the site : Inside: 495 mq - Outside 4305 mq - Total: 4800
Location : City center
Type of occupation: Squat
Owner of the building : A.S.U.R. Marche

Infrastructures / Facilities

- Video workshop (35 mq)
- Screen Printing workshop (19 mq)
- Rehearsal Space (24 mq)
- Concert Hall (75 mq)
- Taylor’s shop (19 mq)
- Kitchen (47 mq)
- Internet Point (35 mq)
- Projection hall (47 mq)
- Garden (4300 mq)

Social and artistic disciplines

- Exhibitions
- Concerts / music live
- Dj-Vj Set
- Screen Printing
- Courses of: drums, yoga, african dance, didgeridoo, break dance
- Theatre and Dance: shows, residencies
- Audiovisual production
- Residencies

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