Continent : Europe
Country : Italy
Address/tel/fax : Via Levanna, n° 11 - Montesacro - Roma
Tel. + 39 06.82000959
Fax. + 39 06.82000851
Mail : info@brancaleone.it
Website : www.brancaleone.it


Brancaleone is a self-management social center. It was born in the febbrary of 1990,with an occupation of an abandoned mansion and through the reprocessing of the previous existing experiences of self-management in Rome, characterizing our activities with the continuous experimentation, having the objective to optimize the services distributed from its opening with the payed wage job and the volontary services. The volontary services is actually the pillar on which all the structure supports.

The s.c. is made of different associations that comunicate between them through a weekly assembly.
Brancaleone is a no-profit organization, because there’s no redistribution of the profits, but the investment of them in social structures and activities. Moreover, Brancaleone has been recognized from the Common of Rome for its social usefullness, and the mansion of via Levanna occupied in the ’90 has been assigned in exchange of a rent. Some financings have been distributed from the EEC,from the Province and the Common of Rome, for specific activities. However, the s.c. covers the totality of expenses with the own economic activities and the subscriptions of the frequent visitors.

This ability to self-financing has guaranteed the total political independence, and a fast and continuous development from its opening until now.

In the roman artistic contest, Brancaleone has contributed to the grown of the attention towards innovative and experimental shapes of art, has promoted searches in the alternative comunication’s field, offering spaces, promoting musical groups and lines,theatre and dance, all this with the peculiarity to arrange various atmospheres and languages. Our space is a policromia of cultural and social dynamics moreover sounds. The nature and contemporarity of Brancaleone remain strongly cheracterized from shapes of self-management, careful to the social comunication and the development of free spaces in which social experiences and artistic search interlace and converse between them.
Brancaleone means to continue in this direction, open and sensitive to cultural innovations and social requirements, continuing in the trace of the artistic production and advancing cultural actions towards one more aware use and perception of the events.

Modified on Thursday 5 June 2003