Festival dedicated to new artistic forms and new media, Emergences gathers French and international artists of the digital creation scene around a deeply transdisciplinary and original programming.

For this third edition, we are looking for projects in all disciplines, espacially, performances, circus, street theatre, puppetry, visual arts, architecture, game art, biotech art, artistic intervention in public space, networked performances (in the framework of collaborations with festivals in France and abroad)...

Deadline for submissions : 06/01/05

Main artistic themes

Mobility, network and ubiquity
Intimacy, oddness and strangeness
Urbanity and nature
Art in urban space

A special attention will be carried to projects using the following technologies :
* wireless and mobile technologies (cellphones, vocal servers, MMS, SMS, videophony, GPS, WiFi...)
* sensors and remote interaction systems
* robotics and artificial intelligence
* biotechnologies

Projects bringing in the audience or/and taking into account the venue will be welcomed as well.

These projects can, if necessary, be the object of an accompaniement in the realization within the framework of D-lab (production department of Dedale).


23 rue olivier métra
75 020 paris

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