Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto and Artfactories are organizing from the 27th to the 29th January 2006, on the occasion of ArteFiera in Bologna, the Second Edition of International Workshop Methods- research projects on art-society relations. The workshop develops a survey of the methods and projects developed through artistic processes aiming towards responsible transformation of society. Methods is a unique possibility of sharing, learning and analysing in depth different creative experiences.
Africa e Mediterraneo(Italy)
Africa e Mediterraneo is a no profit association for international co-operation and education to development. The project Common Values promotes peace-culture through the implementation of dialogue among different religions and cultures now present in Europe. The actions of the project involved students, teachers and civil society of four European countries in a reflection on the common values shared by different systems of thought using comics as a means of communication and development.
Asiles NGO (Lebanon)
Non governamental organization (NGO), Asiles field are refugee areas through mixed artistic and educative actions. The project Transmissions involves artists in sharing their experiences and teaching their practices to a Palestinian refugee team (MAFPA) in Baddawi Camp (Lebanon). Learning by doing and social evolution of communities are the key words highlighting the questions of cooperation North and South between artists and non professionals mixing efficient pedagogy and living art during volunteer actions targeting self evolution of communities.
D Media (Romania)
D Media, an NGO from Cluj promoting participatory technologies and the fusion between art and social activism, presents their project Real Fictions. The project was a series of 4 experimental documentaries, realized in collaboration with local teenagers, that analyzed Romania’s tradition of nationalist authoritarianism and the present deficiency of bureaucratic institutions, as well as the potential of open source practices for transforming the way culture is produced.
La source du Lion (Morocco)
The moroccan artists group uses the word bricolage to define its projects and proposes it as a work methodology. A prototype of this is the Hermitage Park experience. The project focusing on the park rescue to contrast the neglect and the public areas disappearance. The approach adopted does not come into the plastic art category but borders with social problems.
Malopolski Instytut Kultury (Poland)
Malopolski Instytut Kultury invites the local community of Nowa Huta, to re-establish the relation with their industrial, but monumental district.
nowa_huta.rtf (relations, texts, form) project is aiming at creating a forum of utterances and quests for those who were building the city, for those who have been growing up with it, for those who have inherited it. The purpose is not only to search for a new formula for district, but first of all to enrich the consciousness of the place and an emotional relation to it.
Performing Arts Center Multimedia(Macedonia)
These last 5 years PAC Multimedia is focused on creating a need-oriented art programs that concern socially marginalized groups of young people. The specific working process included children from the Institute for protection, care and upbringing of children and youth of Ranka Milanovic, Skopje. This safe creative space gives the opportunity to present their own values by modeling their nonverbal and physical capabilities with the programme that suits their interest - joggling and acrobatic skills.
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