Underground City

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The story begins in 1921, in Labin, Istria, when 5.000 miners from all over Europe began a strike for better working and living conditions which evolved into an armed rebellion, the occupation of the coal mine and establishment of a republic known as the Labin Republic.

After two weeks the rebellion was cruelly put down by the Italian fascist army. There were hundreds of dead and wounded miners, and the story says that a group of miners escaping from the soldiers entered into one abandoned mine cave and disappeared forever.
50 years later (1991) from the abandoned Labin coal mine came out three mysterious, strange pale creatures, dressed in black miner’s uniforms, descendants of the disappeared miners. The three underground creatures calling themselves Metal Guru, artists by vocation with completely clean souls, got introduced with the upground, modern world & civilization discovering the beauty of daylight, and love, .....and sex, .... and drugs,......and violence,....... .

Stupidity, amorality, dishonesty,....... in the upground world made the three gurus after some time very tired of it and they definitely decided to go back to the underground of Istria and to establish Underground City in 2001. There is a large corridor 150 m below the ground surface, with galleries, chambers, all cut into rock, with solid stone walls which render it complete safety, dryness, and with good air, with draining facilities, air-shafts, tracks, etc..., all about 10 km long which connects Rabac( "pearl" of the Adriatic coast)- Labin(beautiful old Venetian town)-Raça(mining town from 1939, a brilliant sample of the functionalistic architecture). In this corridor an underground town with streets, bars, restaurants, "red light" district, swimming pool, children playgrounds, galleries, church, museum of mining......will be built. It will have a status of independent and free town with it’s own police, major, laws..... with a mission to make 21st century a Century of Art.

Before leaving the world three gurus decided to create and leave in it their child-god- artist, an astronaut in the quest for eternal beauty and peace.
In 2001 HERO in XXI will be born.

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