Name of the responsible structure : The Artists Village
Type of structure : Non-profit organisation
Profile of the initiators of the project : artists
Continent : Asia
Country : Singapore
Address/tel/fax :
91A Hindoo Road Singapore 209126
Tel : +65 6296 8707
Mail :
Website :
Contact : Jennifer Teo


The Artists Village was founded by Tang Da Wu in his kampung-studio in Ulu Sembawang in 1988 and was registered as a non-profit society in February 1992.

The goals of The Artists Village are to promote contemporary art and to bring about a better understanding of contemporary art practices and their contribution to society. Since the beginning, we have played a crucial role in the Singapore art scene and has organized many important art events that serve as platforms for contemporary art projects by local and overseas artists.

The projects initiated by The Artists Village have been well-received by the Singapore public as well as by fellow art and cultural practitioners. Our projects which have travelled to international art venues and art festivals received equally encouraging response.

The Artists Village currently functions without a studio or an exhibition space. We have only an office and hold our events mainly in public places. These include residential and commercial spaces, public parks and heritage sites. Occasionally, we also work in art spaces and galleries, local art academies and institutions. With our events, we seek to investigate and address the historical, social and political issues regarding the particular space, while at the same time, reach out to a wider audience.

In the coming years, we will continue to create interesting and meaningful work in these different spaces as well as develop a stronger regional and international network.
By not having an exhibiting space, The Artists Village seeks to use the whole space of the city as its ’canvas’.

Social and artistic disciplines

Contemporary visual art practices, often inter- and multi-disciplinary.
Activities include exhibitions, events, workshops, performances, talks, film screenings, publications.

Financial support

Grants from National Arts Council, Singapore, commercial companies and private foundations and individuals.


Local, regional and international artists and art organisations.

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