Name of the responsible structure : instinc
Type of structure :artists-run space
Profile of the initiators of the project : artists collective
Continent : Asia
Country : Singapore
Address : 23 emerald hill road Singapore 229305
Mail :
Website :
Contact : shih yun yeo


instinc was founded by Singaporean artist Yeo Shih Yun in Nov 2004. A year later, this artist-run space moves from its former Chinatown location and expands to include two more local artists, Valerie Ng and Wyn-Lyn Tan.

instinc is an artists-run space that aims to foster friendships and collaborations with other artists. instinc is a dynamic space in continuous process of creation and is committed in exhibiting all forms of contemporary art.

The objectives of instinc:

* To provide an exhibition space managed by artists in order to establish a vibrant environment for creative practice and dialogue.

* To provide a space to exchange ideas and interaction for artists in the community.

* To provide a space to inspire creativity and participation in the arts for members of the public.

Former use : residential old shophouse
Total surface of the site : not sure of size...
Location : city
Foundation year of the centre : 2004
Type of occupation : lease

Infrastructures / Facilities

Social and artistic disciplines

PAINTING: Abstract Art and other forms of contemporary art (all media)

Modified on Friday 26 May 2006