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Name of the responsible structure: USF Verftet
Type of structure : institutions
Continent : Europe
Country : Norway
Address/tel/fax : georgernes verft 12,
5011 Bergen
Ph.: + 47 55 30 74 10
Fax.: + 47 55 23 20 06
Mail :
Website :
Contact : Aashild Grana (director), Evy Sà¸rensen, Line Nord, Sindre Didriksen

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USF Art Centre, United Sardine Factory, is situated in the centre of Bergen. The cultural multiplicity and rich diversity makes it a unique institution in an international context. The activity in the 12.000m2 house of culture can be divided into two categories:

The public arena: Visningsrommet, a gallery where exhibitions change monthly. Cinemateket, a cinema providing daily programmes. Sardinen, a concert venue providing weekly international jazz concerts and other happenings. Rà¸keriet, a large concert venue for rock/pop concerts and parties. Scene USF, a black box stage for theatre and dance performances. Kafé Kippers, a café with a good range of food and drinks open all day till late. During the summer months there is a large outdoor restaurant on the pier.

The production arena: A rich and diverse activity of art and cultural production companies and educational establishments. 60 studios where 80 professional fine artists and craft artists work on a daily basis, a guest studio for Visiting Nordic Artists, offices for a diverse range of culture organisations in music, film and literature. Several companies producing and distributing film and media. Five interior architects and furniture designers. Tuition in dance and writing, rehearsal studios for jazz- and rock musicians. Two sound studios and a professional workshop for video productions.

Former use : sardine factory
Surface of the site : 12 000 m²
Location : city centre
Owner of the building : John SÙˆtre

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-  a art gallery
-  cinema.
-  concert venue for jazz and other happenings.
-  large concert venue for rock/pop concerts and parties.
-  black box stage for theatre and dance performances.
-  café / restaurant
-  2 residency/production studios :STUDIO 1 (67m2) is for a fine artist (all media) or a craft artist. STUDIO 2 (47m2) is sound insulated for use by authors, composers, etc.
-  2 accommodation studios
-  offices for cultural organisations
-  2 sound studios
-  music rehearsal studios
-  video workshop studios

Social and artistic disciplines image 200 x 160

-  Music : residencies, concerts, jazz festival, rehearsal studioes
-  Visual art : residencies , exhibitions, studioes
-  Cinema : screenings, film production, animation studioes
-  Theatre : residencies, shows, rehearsal spaces
-  Dance : performances, rehearsal spaces, school
-  Video : production
-  Literature/ poetry: residencies, school
-  Architects/ designers: studioes
-  Shops: art/ craft glass, ceramics, leather work, jewellery

Other structures settled on the site

- 60 studios for artists
- cultural organisations in music, film and literature.
- film and media production companies
- Five interior architects and furniture designers

Financial partners

City council of Bergen


Norwegian Cultural House Network

Modified on Monday 26 March 2007