Name of the responsible structure : Parkteatret Scene
Type of structure : Private group of culture workers
Continent : Europe
Country : Norway
Adress : Olaf Ryes plass 11, N-0552 Oslo
Tel : +47 22 35 63 00
Fax : +47 22 35 62 97
Email :
Website :
Contact : Martin Dà¸ving


Parkteatret Scene was built as a film theatre inaugurated in 1907. That makes it the oldest Norwegian cinema still in function. From the beginning of the 1990’s the area has become revigorated and is now the most vibrant part of the city. Here Parkteatret has become the cultural hub of what some call Oslo’s Greenwich Village. Parkteatret is the cultural house of a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic neighbourhood.

100 years and still young.

The aim of Parkteatret is to attract a growing audience of young, well-educated music public, and to programme a mixture of contemporary, classical and cross-over events that constitute a unique blend of repertoire. The long-term ambition is to merge the finest artists from various cultures and traditions into a hybrid of events that reach the attentive and curious audiences nationally and internationally. Parkteatret is concerned about building its profile on a long term, but has already attracted a lot of public attention, including national radio and TV for several of its productions.

- Former use : Cinema
- Total surface of the site : 500 sqm
- Location : Inner city
- Foundation year of the centre : 2002
- Type of occupation : Lease
- Owner of the building : Fegersten’s foundation

Infrastrustures / Facilities

One cinema hall (350 sqm) and a bar (100 sqm).

Social and artistic disciplines

Music, Theatre and Art.

The building is owned by an ideal foundation, donating funds for composers and musicians. The owners of Parkteatret Scene have a long term contract with this foundation, and we have a philosophy of running a venue that gives priority to non-commercial, high quality music, theatre and art (for 2005 alone non-commercial performances made up 70 percent of the total). Since it establishment in 2002, the theatre has had more than 8000 performances and a total audience of 120 000. The first half of 2006 we had an audience of 25 000.

Parkteatret Scene has become the natural choice of space for performance of new music in Oslo. Some of the finest musicians and artists in Norway, and an increasing number of artists from abroad, have performed there. And they all love the venue for its atmosphere and its professional staff. The famous Dutch composer Louis Andriessen enthusiastically declared that “Parkteatret is an ideal venue for my music!”.

Quality, Multifaceted, Innovative.

Parkteatret is one of the main concert venues during the internationally renowned Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival, which takes place in October.

Financial support

The centre gets some support from The Department of Culture and from the city of Oslo, but the main source has come from the owners themselves.



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