In addition to the installations, BizArt will host informal workshops on the side focusing on pertinent issues related to contemporary spaces and the current situation in art.

Discussions will be held in chinese and in english.

DAY 0 / September 24th 2004:

- Arrival of organizations and artists
- Installation and workshop set up

DAY 1 / September 25th 2004:

- Official Opening Ceremony at BizArt

DAY 2 / September 26th 2004:

- Workshop #1: Art in contemporary society & the evolution of artistic practices
Moderators : Davide Quadrio (BizArt), Mella Jaarsma (Cemeti Art House)

- Workshop #2: Methods and practices of reaching communities through the arts
Moderators: Fazette Bordage (Mains d’Oeuvres/Artfactories), Titus Spree (Maejima Art Centre)

- Workshop #3: Rules and developments of independently founded art spaces
Moderators: Alessio Antoniolli (Gasworks) and Tim Li (Para/Site)

DAY 3 / September 27th 2004:

- Workshop #4: Artists in residencies programs
Moderators: Simon Kirby (Artists Links) and Maria Tuerlings (Trans Artists)

- Workshop #5: The exchange and development of transnational projects in Asia and Europe
Moderators: Marie le Sourd and Chulamanee Chartsuwan (ASEF)

- Closing ceremony

- Fuxing Park Video Presentation Opening

DAY 4 / September 28th 2004 - Opening day of the Shanghai Biennale

Modified on Friday 24 September 2004