BizArt installation

The structure of the symposium, at BizArt Art Center, will be under the format of an installation, where each organization can present their own space to each other and the general public. Each space can display in any form or medium that they feel suits them: installation piece, video projections, etc.

Video presentation in Fuxing Park

As part of the fall symposium and the Shanghai Biennale, BizArt will be organizing video presentations in Fuxing Park, one of the most central areas in Shanghai.

- Artist video presentation
The space-projects participants are invited to present artists’video. These propositions will be showned on three screens :

- one screen for China

- one screen for Asia

- one screen for Europe

- Arts Space video presentation
Another screen will be devoted to art spaces from around the world. This installation aims at making the chinese and also the international public here present for the Biennale aware of the spaces projects’initiatives and at the same time enhance the reality and the creative aspects of these independent centers.

Modified on Friday 6 August 2004