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Name of the responsible structure: Pekarna - magdalenske mreže
Type of structure: NGO/ private institution - (particularity in Slovenian civil-law)
Profile of the initiators of the project: collective/associations
Continent: Europe
Country: Slovenia
Address/tel/fax: Pekarna magdalenske mreže
Ob železnici 8
2000 Maribor
Tel.: ++386 2 300 78 70
Fax.: ++386 2 300 78 71
website :
Contact: Borut Osonkar, Director

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Pekarna magdalenske mreže is a non-profit and non-governmental private institution for the support to civil-social initiatives and multicultural cooperation, formal established in 1996 by three different existing associations (Association of dolphine friends, Alternative music workshop, Gallery house) which squated ex military bakery two years before, in 1994.
Institution is located in ex military bakery which turned to the biggest alternative cultural centre in north-east Slovenia.

Former use: ex military bakery
Total surface of the site: 6000 m2
Location: urban, next to city centre, the only cultural area on right bank of Drava river
Foundation year of the centre: 1994-squat/1996-existing legal form
Type of occupation: squatted, free-lending contract with the City in progress
Owner of the building: since 2001 - Maribor city/communal administration (City council);
previous Ministry of the Interior (1991-2001); previous (ex YU army)

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- 6 buildings & internal park : 2 halls, 2 clubs, 2 restaurants, theatre, second-hand bookstore, gallery, practice rooms, studios, cyber&reading-room, offices, climbing wall (some of these are run independently).

Main spaces are the following :
- Hladilnica (hall) : 523 m2
- Gustaf (hall) : 209 m2
- Gallery : 400 m2
- Theatre : 261 m2
- Park and yard : 2000 m2 & 3000 m2

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-  Main activities: exhibitions, concerts, performances, film, festivals, workshops, movement, etc.(more than 2000 events in last 8 years)

-  Independent projects:

INFOPEKA (Infopeka collects, edits and offers information for youth between the age of 14 and 27 and also to parents, teachers and other interested public. Information are about education, scholarships, employment, free time activities, help in personal
crisis, culture, youth tourism, law etc. and are free of charge. All that can also be found in diverse media: informer, free access to the internet, different software, magazines, leaflets, newsletters...

- Coordination: between associations and artists operating in Pekarna centre(30) & outer

Other structures/organisations resident on the site :

-  3 sport associations (divers assoc., climbers assoc., parachutists assoc.)
-  9 other associations (bookstore, restaurant, clubs, spiritual...)
-  20 - 25 artists (music, plastic, foto, video...)

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- Maribor (City council)

- Ministry of education (Bureau of youth)

- Ministry of employment

- Ministry of culture

- Student organisation of University of Maribor (common 50% of all sources)

- CNVOS (= Centre for Information Service, Cooperation and Development of NGOs

- European Social Fund


- International: Trans Europe Halles (since 1997)

- National: MISS

- Local networks: MINA

- Youth in Action programme (EVS)

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