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Name of the responsible structure : Before, Retina was the formal service organisation.
Type of structure : Three buildings have a legal status (Hunters, Prison, Infantry) and four (Stable, Garages, Hangar, Boiler house) are non-legal.
Profile of the initiators of the project : The Network for Metelkova
Continent : Europe
Country : Slovenia
Address/tel/fax : Masarykova 24,
1000 Ljubljana,
Tel.: + 386 1 434 03 45
Fax: + 386 1 432 33 78
info : Mateja Zobaric
contact : natasa serec

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The main objectives of the Metelkova are to help settle the situation at centre and to be a useful service for organisations and individuals from Metelkova mesto (negotiations with the City Government, reconstruction of some buildings, fund raising, programme co-ordination, any kind of advice...)
The policy of the Metelkova is to be run as a non-profit, non-governmental, multi-cultural, urban venue open to all. It aims to sustain art, culture, social and humanitarian work, to help social integration and benefit the community.

Metelkova mesto is an independent cultural centre inhabited by various (loosely associated) artistic & social groups. Their primary goal is to create a complex artistic and cultural environment rather than a series of isolated cultural events, to propose a vision of the future of the centre and to contemplate on the past five years of its exciting history.

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Former use : military barracks
Surface of the site : 5 hectares
Total surface of the indoors place :

- Stable: 975m2
- Garages: 610 m2
- Prison: 990 m2
- Infantry: 1930m2
- Hunters: 705m2
- Hangar: 200 m2
- Boiler house: 90m2
TOTAL: 5500 m2

Architect of the rehabilitation : for the whole Metelkova renovation plan, Mr. Gorazd Groeleger won the first prize. The renovation hasn’t happened yet.
Foundation year : 1993
Type of occupation : rent, free lending negotiation and squat
Owner of the building : The Municipality of Ljubljana and the Ministry of Culture

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-  1 theatre place, Theatre Gromki
-  4 Bars: 1 at the theatre place, 1 at Tiffany club (60m2), 1 at Monokel (18m2), one at Maria’s tea shop (65m2)
-  Library, 20 m2
-  4 offices for associations
-  Art gallery, 100 m2
-  3 music rehearsal studios
-  1 theatre hall (130 m2)
-  1 recording studio (51 m2)
-  2 concert halls
-  Many artist residency spaces (for music, visual art...)
-  17 artists’ studios

Social and Artistic disciplines: image 200 x 142

-  Visual arts
-  Music
-  Dance
-  Theatre
-  Circus
-  Radio (Youth radio Metelkova)
-  Multimedia
-  Drawing (Art centre - workshops)
-  Video
-  Graphic creation (studios)
-  Cinema

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-  Workshops (joineries, iron workshop, restoration workshop, sculpture, graphics, painting...)
-  Local community projects (anniversary festival, newsletter, Youth Radio Metelkova, home site...)
-  Resident associations (Kasandra, KUD Anarhiv, KAPA, Womens counselling service, YHD, KUC - Tiffany, KUC - Monokel, KUD Mreža, Channel Zero, Gromki Theatre)
-  1 magazine (Metelkovnik - newsletter)
-  Children’s specific cultural activities
-  Education or arts for disabled people (SOT-24 club, exhibitions, movies, lectures...)
-  Artists residencies
-  Recording audio and videos studios (audio studio, soon video studio)
-  Books editing,
-  Artists’ education/training programmes

Financial support

Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education and Sport: 39 %
ECF, Soros Foundation, Kulturkontakt: 33%
Local sponsors: 5%

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