Initiators of the project: Executive Artictic Director, Kristy Edmunds, with a group of individuals
Continent : America
County : Oregon (USA)
Address/tel/fax :
219 NW 12th Ave. #100
Portland, OR 97209
tel. : + 1 503.242.1419
fax.: + 1 503.243.1167
Mail : pica@pica.org
Website : www.pica.org
Contact : Victoria Frey, Director of Public Relations and Operations


PICA is dedicated to advancing significant developments in contemporary art, by providing resources which engage audiences in creative and critical dialogue, and empower artists and art professionals to create challenging work.
PICA (Portland Institute for Contemporary Art) acknowledges and advances the emerging ideas in new art by fostering the creative explorations of contemporary artists.

Former use : none, built for us in 2000
Surface of the site : 8000 square foot space
Location : Pearl District, Downtown Portland
Foundation year : 1995
Type of occupation : lease
Owner of the building : Wieden and Kennedy


The facility houses :

- a 2,200 square foot gallery for visual exhibitions,
- a resource center library of contemporary art (books, videotape on performances and lectures organized by PICA, art contemporary magazines from all the world)
- office space for the PICA staff.

Social and artistic disciplines

- performance art,
- experimental theater,
- contemporary dance,
- new music
- visual art : exhibitions (6 exhibitions a year ), workshops , residencies (see below) , production

Opening of a new Festival, in septembre 2003: TBA (Time Based Art) Festival. It’s a ten days festival (in septembre)on performances, events, workshops, open rehearsal, discussions, artists lectures, conferences. Various spaces are used: galeries, restaurants, hotel rooms, theatres, parks, warehouses, clubs all over the downtown area of Portland.

Artist Residencies : PICA’s residency program promotes an expanded regional experience by connecting national or international artists’ creative explorations to those of the local art community. Residencies enable these artists to create new work within our region, utilizing the material resources and creative talent specific to the Northwest, while offering arts audiences greater exposure to the creative process. Visiting artists also participate in workshops, forums and other outreach activities with the community at large.


Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (for the artistic activities)

Modified on Friday 5 March 2004