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Name of the responsible structure: Headlands Center for the Arts
Type of structure: U.S. private not for profit corporation
Profile of the initiators of the project: artists collective (Headlands Center for the Arts was conceived through a planning process conducted by the Golden Gate National Recreation Area to transfer former military property to the National Park Service. HCA was incorporated in 1982 by a founding Board of Directors comprised primarily of local artists).
Continent : North America
Country : United States of America
Address/tel/fax : 944 Fort Barry, Sausalito,
CA 94965
tel : + 1 415 331-2787,
fax : + 1 415 331-3857
Mail : staff@headlands.org
Website : www.headlands.org
Contact : Kathryn Reasoner, Executive Director

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Headlands Center for the Arts (HCA) is a laboratory for creativity where artists are given time and space to experiment, collaborate and develop new work in a breathtaking natural setting. HCA offers extended, live-in residencies to as many as 30 artists from throughout the U.S. and the world each year and rented studio space for Bay Area artists, providing opportunities for thought and interaction among a diverse community of artists and thinkers working in an array of disciplines. Through residencies and public programs, HCA seeks to explore and interpret the relationship between place and the creative process, and to extend appreciation for the role of artists in society.
Headlands Center for the Arts is a lively community of working artists and creative thinkers, actively engaged in learning and exchange across cultures and professional disciplines. Through our Artist-in-Residence program, Affiliate Artist studio rental program, and interdisciplinary public programs, HCA encourages dialogues between artists and professionals outside the arts — architects and educators, environmentalists and new media visionaries, urban planners and community activists.

Former use : former military buildings
Total surface of the site : 10 buildings over a 1/4 mile area, 72,000 square feet
Location : set within a 15,000 sq. acre national park along the Pacific Coast, 15 minutes north of San Francisco in Marin County.
Foundation year of the centre : Organization 1982
Type of occupation: 20- year renewable lease
Owner of the building: Federal government (Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA)

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-  Multi-use space
-  Restaurant
-  Art gallery/exhibition places
-  Artist residencies spaces
-  Library/documentation centre
-  Conference hall
-  Gymnasium
-  Exterior spaces
-  Photo laboratory
-  Housing facilities

Social and artistic disciplines

Artists-In-Residence come to Headlands Center for the Arts to explore a wide range of disciplines, including:

Other structures/organisations or companies settled on the site:

Within the park where we are situated, there are several other not-for-profit agencies that occupy buildings similar to ours, and hold their own leases with the GGNRA. There are no other organizations or companies settled within the buildings under our lease.

Financial support:

government agencies, foundations, corporate sponsors, membership, individual donations, earned income from public programming


- Member of the Alliance of Artists’ Communities
- Res Artis.