Name of the responsible structure : Board of the association
Type of structure : Non-profit association/NGO
Profile of the initiators of the project : Artists collective
Continent : Europe
Country : Poland
Address : ul. Lenartowicza 3-4 71-445 Szczecin
phone: 0048.91.4236901
fax: 0048.91.4230111
Contact : Bartosz Wojcik


Place of art OFFicyna is a laboratory of social/artistic activities. It is a place that cares for art, culture and education in their mutual relations. The profile of its engagement consists of activities that belong to these three fields.
OFFicyna is an art environment focused around the place and the association. It is an undertaking in a definite time and place. OFFicyna is a social space (Magdalena Lewoc). As the only of such places in Szczecin it defines the notion of art.

These are the activities that coexist in the space:

- exhibitions in the gallery (mainly site-specific presentations, collaborations and the promotion of new phenomena in art),

- workshops, events, projects curated and co-created by the participants, activities in the city space (The Museum of Niebuszewo, Majowka, Niebuszewo Day, Niebuszewiak),

- performance, multimedia, and festivals of syncretistic arts (an event organized by OFFicyna: ∠Performance Intermedia Festival), co-organized events: dokumentART, European Film Festival, Festival of Chamber Theater Kontrapunkt, Baltic Biennial of Contemporary Art, Polish Modern Painting Festival),

- a platform for independent projects (spectacles, workshops, rehearsals, video screenings, discussions).

Former use : brickyard, joinery

Total surface of the site : over 1500m²

Location (city, suburbs, disused area, rural)
city of Szczecin, district - Niebuszewo, post-industrial area

Foundation year of the centre : 1998

Type of occupation (lease/purchase/free-lending contract/gift/squat/others...) : free-lending contract

Owner of the building : Museum of Technical Science and Transportation - Art Depot in Szczecin

Infrastructures / Facilities

place of art OFFicyna is a complex of buildings with an enormous spatial potential (over 900m² of indoor space and around 600m² of courtyard space with a big chimney) including:
gallery 119m²
exhibition hall 212m²
theater/cinema room 127m²
workshop spaces 127m²
office 19m²
other spaces

Social and artistic disciplines

social events

Other structures/organisations resident on the site:


Financial support:
City Council
Foundations (Pro Helvetia, Stefan Batory Foundation, Foundation of German-Polish Cooperation)


Res Artis

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