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Name of the responsible structure : Modelarnia / Wyspa Progress Foundation
Type of structure : non for profit association - Foundation
Profile of the initiators of the project : artists collective/ Grzegorz Klaman
Continent : Europe
Country : Poland
Address : Ul. Doki 1 / for corespondention
Pl. Obro?cà³w Poczty Polskiej 8/12,
80-839 Gda?sk, Poland.
Tel : +48 58 305 82 03
Fax : +48 58 763 15 06
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Contact : Agata Rogos or Grzegorz Klaman

Description :

As an artistic structure Modelarnia functions as a collaborative of artists and is absolutely non-profit organization, based officially on the structure of Wyspa Progress Foundation (a non-governmental organization). Modelarnia joins the functions of a workshop with the space of shows and activities in the area of visual arts. Most of the events have a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary character creating and mixing forms of artistic events generating a space of being together and experiencing art more than functions of the traditional gallery.
Here appears also meetings with artists, art theoreticians, lectures, concerts, performance-art shows and a Festival of Young European Cinematography.
With Modelarnia are connected art critics and curators who want to practise their research on the regional alternative art scene. Modelarnia is a space of residency for artists.

Total surface of the site : 400 m2
Architect of the rehabilitation : artists’ initiative, no architectural intervention
Renovation costs of the building : none
Location : near the center of Gdansk
Foundation year of the centre : 2002
Type of occupation : lease
Owner of the building : the developer of the shipyard Synergia 99

Social and artistic disciplines :

- installation

- video-installation

- video-art

- performance-art

- photography

- social context activities

- concerts

- residencies

- one night shows

- exhibitions

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