Name of the responsible structure:
Stichting Noordkaap
Type of structure : Foundation
Profile of the initiators of the project :
Artistic companies/ artists
Continent : Europe
Country : Netherlands
Address/tel/fax : Spuiplein 3,
3311 GS Dordrecht
Tel. 0031 (0)78-6316512
Mail :
Chamber of Commerce no.: 243 554 34
Contact : Katja Diallo


The goal of the Noordkaap foundation is to transform disused buildings into temporary spaces for cultural events, experiments and meetings. Noordkaap concentrates on a specific area called "De Stadswerven". This contains the former energyworks, drinking water supplies and shipyard of the city of Dordrecht. For information see www.stadswerven .nl. The City Council has developed ambitious plans for the Stadswerven concerning mega theatres, penthouses, commercial sites, etc. For the period between the present and the start of construction (which already has been delayed for 15 years) the policymakers want to transform the peninsula into a cultural breeding-spot.

Stichting Noordkaap aims to promote cultural activities in relation to (temporary) large-scale locations in Dordrecht. Stichting Noordkaap initiates and brings together people with ideas. Stichting Noordkaap offers space to experiment and is a platform for (sub) cultural activities.

Former use: Water drinking supplies, including 5 houses.
Location : Disused area
Foundation year of the centre : 2003
Type of occupation :
Free-lending contract
Owner of the building : City Council Dordrecht

Activities Noordkaap:
Programming activities by small non-commercial initiators, as well as more commercial public-events
Exhibitions; small underground concerts, large mainstream music events; theatre; movies for children; reading events for children; Summer Work Camping in co-operation with the large summer festivals; working space for artists/ students.

Modified on Thursday 28 May 2009