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Name of the responsible structure: SMART Project Space
Type of structure: Foundation
Profile of the initiators of the project: Artists initiative
Continent : Europe
Country : Netherlands
Arie Biemondstraat 105-111
NL-1054 PD Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20 4275951
Fax: +31 (0)20 4275953
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Contact : Thomas Peutz, director/chief curator ; Una Henry, dep.Director/curator


SMART Project Space was founded in 1994 as a site for cultural production. The primary objective is to support artists and cultivate new relationships between the artist/artwork and the audience and at the same time provide a context defining the parameters of cultural production. Housed in a former Pathological Anatomical Laboratory, SMART Project Space is the flexible framework embedded in the laboratory conception of artistic production and collaborative research. SPS allows for a wide range of approaches and draws together some of the most interesting young artists today.

Former use: Pathological Anatomical Laboratory of the Academic Hospital of Amsterdam
Total surface of the site: 3700m2
Architect of the rehabilitation: Customr
Costs of the building and renovation: €2800.000
Location: city
Foundation year of the initiative: 1994
Foundation year of the centre in current location: 2004
Type of occupation: purchase
Owner of the building: SMART Project Space

Infrastructures / Facilities

- Exhibition Space (six spaces) 700m2
- Cinema (three spaces with a total capacity of 310 seats) 480m2
- Meeting/lecture space 137m2
- Studio spaces (12 studio’s) 450m2
- Office 176m2
- Workshops/storage 280m2
- Café/Restaurant 430m2
- Bookshop 69m2

Social and artistic disciplines

- Exhibitions;

- Program of Art House cinema, Artists films and video art;

- Events;

- Performances: lectures;

- workshops;

- debates;

- international studio/residency program.

Financial support

- City of Amsterdam
- Mondrian Foundation
- Prins Bernhard Fund
- Stichting Doen
- VSB Fonds
- Other funds & corporate/private sponsors


SMART Project Space works together with artist initiatives and museums around the world, to produce exhibitions, film- and video programs and to support the production of new art works.

Modified on Monday 5 July 2004