Type of structure: non for profit association
Profile of the initiators of the project: artists collective
Continent : Europe
Country : Sweden
Address/tel/fax :
Konstepidemins và¤g
S-413 14 Gà¶teborg
Tel: 46 31 82 85 58
Fax: 46 31 82 85 68
Mail : info@konstepidemin.com
Website : www.konstepidemin.com


Epidemic of Art was founded in 1987, mainly for three reasons. In the 1970s and 1980s there was a shortage of cheap premises in the central parts of Gothenburg, as many areas in the city were due for renovation and rebuilding. It was almost impossible for artists to find somewhere to work. Rents were raised, bur artists’ income were not. To acquire cheap studios and workshops has always been a fundamental problem for all free creative workers.
The second reason was the ambition to build a cultural centre where different types of artists could work close by and thus be able to inspire each other, exchange experiences and find new ways of working together.
The third and perhaps most important reason was that the Epidemic of Art could become a pressure group for the arts against those in political and economical power. When the former hospital for epidemic diseases was "discovered" by some Gothenburg artists in 1983, it seemed obvious for them to try to get permission to use the buildings in the area, and gradually the idea was sanctioned both by the local government and by the state authorities. The first studio was let out in 1987, and the artists started to reorganize the area in order to meet their own needs. A cultaral centre was born.
The Epidemic of Art is run by an independent group of artists. The Epidemic of Art is basically self-financed. The main income comes from letting out the studios to the artists. Some of the projects are also financially supported by the city of Gothenburg.

Former use : hospital for epidemic diseases
Total surface of the site : more than 4 000 square meters of total studio area.
Location: city center
Foundation year of the center : 1987.

Infrastructures / Facilities
The Epidemic of Art is consists of ten buildings and a large park. We have around 100 studios with many different artistic groups represented.

Social and artistic disciplines
Visual Arts, new media, textile artists, painters, sculptors, film producers, photographers, actors, ceramists and musicians

Financial support
the city of Gothenburg.

Res Artis
Baltic Sea Residency Network

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