Name of the responsible structure : GREEN PAPAYA ART PROJECTS
Type of structure : non-profit art association
Profile of the initiators of the project : artist-run initiative that is managed by two artists Norberto Roldan and Donna Miranda.
Continent : ASIA
Country : Philippines
Address :
124A Maginhawa Street, Teachers’ Village East, Diliman, Quezon City, 1101 Philippines
Tel : +632 9189457387
Mail :
Website : (currently under construction)
Contact : Donna Miranda, projects director / mdgmir(at)
Norberto Roldan, artistic director / greenpapayaartprojects(at)


Green Papaya Art Projects, founded in 2000 by Norberto Roldan and Donna Miranda, is an artist-run initiative that supports and organizes actions and propositions that explore alternative approaches to the production, dissemination, research and representation of art in various disciplines. One of the most important core values that Green Papaya endeavors to provide its artistic community is the importance of intellectual exchange, sharing of information, critical dialogue, and creative and practical collaboration in the production of contemporary art. It consistently seeks to strengthen this position by providing a platform for multidisciplinary, collaborative, and cross-borders action among Asia Pacific and Filipino contemporary artists.
Founded in 2000 by Norberto Roldan and Donna Miranda.

Former use : Former two-car garage.

Total surface of the site: 60 square meters floor area

Location : Suburban area in a mixed-use residential community centrally located within a mixed-use residential community that is five minutes away from the state university and other private universities.
Type of occupation : leased on a monthly basis.

Owner of the building : privately owned

Infrastructures / Facilities

A 60 square meter structure with neutral and extremely versatile space that accommodates various types of exhibitions, small concerts, dance/music/theater rehearsals, artists’ talk/presentations, discussions, screenings and performances. In-house bar/café serving brewed coffee, beer and light snacks.

Artistic and social disciplines

- Residency and exchange programs
- Discussions, research, experimentations, exhibitions

in the fields of:

- Visual arts
- Dance
- Sound
- New media

Green Papaya provides space and alternative support mechanism for young-emerging and mid-career contemporary artists alongside a creative and critical environment for experimentation, research, and presentation of art persists despite the dismal state of art infrastructure in the country.

Four interdisciplinary art programmes:
- Visual Arts Program with a regular exhibition of emerging to mid-career Filipino artists
- Amplified Assemblage, a live and loud gathering of experimental and indie music, occasional gathering of independent musicians for intimate evening of loud, live and experimental music
- Anatomy Projects, a research platform for emerging contemporary dance makers
- Residency+Exchange Program, where we provide working and presentational space for visiting foreign artists.

These programs emphasize creative interaction, exchange, practical collaboration and cooperation among artists.
The last four years Green Papaya has also developed to become a space where artists, scholars, art enthusiasts and urban hipsters converge, commune and engage in meaningful dialogue.

Financial support

- Privately funded by managing partners from adjunct graphic design practice serving local cultural institutions and non-government agencies.
- Supplementary income from annual art sale, sales from selected exhibitions, management fees for international cultural exchange projects and sales from bar/café.

- Project grants for its publication project, Papaya, from Prince Claus Fond through ArtHub HK and Wednesdays I’m-n-love Open Platform Curatorial Residency from the Arts Network Asia (ANA).


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