As usual, and as yours must be, the September agenda of our resources platform is full. It is our pleasure to invite you to meet us soon, first at La Briqueterie in Amiens on 21 and 22 September for our next reflection workshop where we will discuss the multiple relationships between the artistic factories and the norm, and then the following week in Bagneux at Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde for the Trans-Europ Halles meeting. In the meantime, we will have progressed in the consultation with the Ministry of Culture and, we hope, advanced to identify indicators for the evaluation and self-evaluation of intermediary spaces. All these meetings will provide material to work on the organization of a third National Forum of Intermediary Spaces in the course of 2019. Until then, you can download a first paper version of the summary of the 2nd Forum (May 2016) prepared by us. Have a good reading and see you soon!

Modified on Monday 10 September 2018