One could hardly give a single answer to this question. To be part of ARTfactories/Autre(s)pARTs (AF/AP) means to act otherwise. It is the wish of radicalness whose translation into action does not wait. But the scheme in itself isn’t so easy to catch. It has nothing to do with being a partisan : one could get it through the round of stories of each actor, whose addition is making a coherent picture; its aim, an uncertain future, which society is calling for. For many actors, whether AF/AP members or not, the association has been a support, a resource, a hinge point in the implementation of their project. AF/AP is carrying a conscience, and thus a hope, which none of us wants to give up. AF/AP is speaking for a way to generate commons that swarm today in the social field. It’s a style of acting that is working since the places, in a lateral way, creating some passages. AF/AP is the living memory of our places, our experiences, our stories and our struggles.

Despite the loss of most of our financings in 2014, we collectively decided to put our last savings in the service of reviving the association through the hiring of a coordinator/director, Fred Ortuà±o, whose mission is going to articulate three main dimensions: associative (animation, organization of collective reflection times), political (relations with the public and community partners) and editorial (production and distribution of content developed in the association).

AF/AP more than ever need all of you, members and friends!

Write us, tell us about your territory, your places of your actions. Let’s share our ideas, our experiences, our stories. We need to revive the dialogue between us!

By the way, we wish you and we wish us an happy new year, full of a just and necessary anger !

The college of AF/AP Association

Modified on Friday 15 January 2016