Name of the responsible structure:A38 - Budapest
Type of structure: non for profit association
Profile of the initiators of the project: associations
Continent: Europe
Country :Hungary
Address/tel/fax :
H-1091 Budapest
àœll?i àºt 23.
phone/fax: +36 1 217 4354
Mail : info@a38.hu
Website : www.A38.hu
Contact : Andrea Gancs

Artemovszk 38: the name of a prototype and the reminder of a period of design and industrial history on the verge of extinction. A Ukrainian stone-carrier ship, built in 1968, was tugged through international waters in order to receive a complete makeover and an infusion of new life which would enable it to set off on a voyage to the future. The aim of the architectural planning was to preserve the very special attributes of communist era engineering and industrial heritage, and at the same time create a high-tech, modern and user friendly community space. After two years of planning, permission procedure and building work, the converted ship - now called A38 - will arrive in its final port on the Danube in Budapest, in April 2003.
By reconstructing the ship and harbouring it on the Danube, the A38 team intends to play an initiative role in bringing life and living culture to the bank of the Danube in Budapest. The ship, as the utmost poetic symbol of freedom, life, travel, adventure and discovery; and the Danube, as one of the strongest symbol of Central European history and culture provide the A38 team with inspiration and serve as a compass for the whole project.

A38 aims to become a modern, international, artistic, community and entertainment centre with high quality standards in programming, management, environment, providing an exciting ambiance. It provides space and meeting opportunities for different communities and professions, encouraging communication and creative ways of collaboration between various sectors. Besides renting innovative and special spaces for business events, A38 provides new ideas and opportunities by linking business to artistic creativity and by helping business to reach their target audiences. The ambiance, the technical equipment, the staff, the creative resources and the available spaces secure an ideal interface for communication and collaboration.

A38, through its programmes, projects, location, resources and architecture, will also be an attractive tourist destination, providing artistic events, entertainment and meeting space especially for young and middle aged, educated tourists.
With its restaurant, bars and panoramic terraces, A38’s aim is to become a popular hangout for local people as well as for tourists. The facilities of the ship are also designed to serve as an ideal and interesting place for business entertainment events. The main hall can be easily transformed into training room, seminar or conference hall. Various other spaces can be used for small sessions or meetings. The restaurant is equipped with a high-tech kitchen, and can provide in-house catering, serving all needs. The event management agency working within the A38 structure will closely collaborate with the cultural team and the facility management in order to provide cost-effective, creative, high quality service for business and private entertainment.

Former use : stone-carrier ship
Total surface of the site : 2000m2.
Location: city river (Danube)
Foundation year of the centre : 2003

Infrastructures / Facilities
The hold:

- Performance/concert hall: 300m2 (stage: 70m2, height 4m. Seating 270, standing 750 people)

- Beak bar: 70m2 (seating 50 people)

- Artist lounge backstage: 125m2 (seating 70 people, may be accessible to public if needed)
The deck:

- Restaurant: 200m2 + 50m2 terrace (seating 110 + 50 people)

- Beak terrace bar: 150m2 (seating 130 people)

- Guestrooms (4): 30m2 altogether (for 8 people) + 2 office/ meeting rooms
The terrace:

- Top terrace bar: 210m2 (seating 170 people)

- Audio-visual studio: 20m2

- Panorama meeting room (on top of the studio): 20m2

Social and artistic disciplines
Although its main profile is music, A38 programmes a wide range of artistic production including literature, visual arts, film and provides a platform for discussion, experimentation and education. The audio-visual technology and the small mastering studio is suitable for good quality live recording, therefore A38 will be able to establish a live record label, produce promotion material for artists and cultural content for radio and television broadcasting.

The main hall in the hold is designed especially for live music with technical facilities on par with the best on offer and with carefully designed acoustics. The stage is flexible and can be easily transformed from a large stage into an intimate smaller one. A38 has a pioneering backstage area with a bar in the engine room, a terrace, 4 guestrooms on the deck and an office area for production.

Modified on Thursday 25 March 2004