Name of the responsible structure: Performing Arts Centre Multimedia
Type of structure: non for profit NGO
Continent: Europe
Country: Macedonia
Address: Dame Gruev 5-6/6, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia
tel: + 389 2 3111 570
fax: + 389 2 3109 303
Contact: Violeta Simjanovska


The Performing Arts Centre Multimedia operates since 1998 as an independent, non - governmental, non-profit organisation in the field of culture, education and social affairs in the Republic of Macedonia as well as in the Balkan region and wider.
The main role of the PAC Multimedia is to inform, create and promote co-operation in the region and broader, as well as to stimulate a dialogue throughout the region.
We, people who create PAC Multimedia, are visionaries; we promote new ideas and serve as an encouragement to the Macedonian youngsters and the whole population in general, to fit in and to act in accordance with the times of change in which we live in.
The global strategic policy of PAC Multimedia is to be a creative base where the energy of the young generation and the population on the whole will focus on the moving force to create and develop new standards in the cultural living, raising the level of consciousness through education, informing, promotion and production.
PAC Multimedia is a space for know-how transfer, an initiating force in creating and developing new standards of living in a wider cultural and social context, and with their implementation, actively takes part in the integrating processes of the Republic of Macedonia, getting closer to the positive models of civil societies.
During our existence we have successfully organised more than 100 workshops, summer schools, open public debates, festivals, concerts, short films, presentations, exchange programmes, where more than 20.000 participants from Macedonia and from the region took part.
We are a Centre with greater number of collaborators and co-workers, developing the corporation with volunteers. We co-operate with many institutions and independent groups and we are open for all kind of initiatives and ideas that come from outside, but are tuned in with our strategy.

Location: city
Foundation year of the center: 1998

Activities and disciplines

- Music: creation, production, diffusion, festivals, concerts, workshops, summer schools, training courses

- Dance: diffusion, workshops, performances

- Street performing arts: creation, production, workshops, performances

- Theatre: workshops, performances

- Video Art / Film / New Media: exhibitions, workshops

- Solidarity / citizenship: creation, production, diffusion, training courses, seminars, debates, workshops

Financial support

Future Trust - UK
European Cultural Foundation - The Netherlands
Foundation Open Society Institute - Macedonia
Pro Helvetia - Switzerland
KulturKontakt - Austria
Embassy of the United States of America - Skopje, Macedonia
Office of Public Affairs
French Cultural Center - Skopje, Macedonia
Faculty of Dramatic Arts - Skopje, Macedonia
Faculty of Music Art - Skopje, Macedonia
Contemporary Art Center - Skopje, Macedonia
Ministry of Culture of The Republic of Macedonia
Museum of Contemporary Art - Skopje, Macedonia
Transeuropeennes - France
King Baudouin Foundation - Belguim
Municipality of City of Skopje
Skenpoint - Skopje, Macedonia
Digicom Computers - Skopje, Macedonia
Link Telecom - Skopje, Macedonia
Ministry of Culture of The Republic of Slovenia
British Council - Skopje, Macedonia
War Child - The Netherlands
InterCult - Sweden
Office of the Canadian Embassy - Skopje
European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centres
MAPA - Moving Academy for the Performing Arts - The Netherlands
Saudades - Austria
Transkop - Bitola, Macedonia
Dal Fufo - Skopje, Macedonia
Ministry of Defence of The Republic of Macedonia
Macedonian Stock Exchange

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