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Name of the responsible structure : Loop Alternative Space
Type of structure : non for profit association
Profile of the initiators of the project: artists
Continent : Asia
Country : Korea
Address: 333-3 B1, Sangsoo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel : 822 3141 1377
Fax : 822 3141 7265
Mail : jinloop@hanmail.net
Website : www.galleryloop.com
Contact : Jin-Suk Suh, Director


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Established in1999, Loop is one of the four alternative spaces sprung up in the same year in Seoul, Korea. As an independent, non-profit alternative space receiving funding from both government and private sector, Loop aims at mainly communicating the public and supporting young artists of various art forms, such as visual art, movie, music and performance. One director, two curators and a planning committee are response for selection of exhibitions and performances. The gallery is located in the basement of a four story building near the Hong Ik University.
Unti now, Loop had around 40 exhibitions and 20 performances such as music, image and play. Loop also manages academic chairs and tries various programs such as web art workshop to encourage theory and art practice.

Former use : Loop is placed in a basement of four stories building
Surface of the site : about 45 pyung (1 py - 3.954 sq.yrds)
Location : city
Foundation year : 1999
Type of occupation : rent



Social and artistic disciplines

Contemporary theatre : Diffusion

Music : Diffusion

Contemporary dance : Diffusion

Visual art : Production / Diffusion / Training
Workshop / Spaces rental / Debates / Lecture / Conferences

Multimedia : Diffusion / Training Workshop / Spaces rental / Debates / Lecture / Conferences

Cinema-Audiovisual : Diffusion / Debates / Conferences

Financial support

Operation funding of Loop has beeen assisted by government fund, entreprise sponsorship and private donation.
As government funding, which has been given to Loop after the year 2000, there are the Korea Culture Arts Foundation fund, Ministry of Culture and Tourism Republic Korea Fund and Seoul City Fund.
For entreprise fund, Loop submits a planning proposal of every individual exhibition to entreprisers to get a but, but this is not the stable supporting system.


Many contacts in Asia.
Among the major directions Loop has been undertaking, one is developing network with different culture.