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Name of the responsible structure : Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center
Type of structure : NGO
Profile of the initiators of the project : artists
Continent : Middle East / Africa
Country : Palestine
Address: 1887 Ramallah
Tel / Fax : 972 2 298 73 74
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Website :
Contact : Fatin Farhat, executive Director

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Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center hopes to contribute to a renaissance of Palestinian arts and culture; the Khalil Sakakini Cultural Centre (KSCC) works towards the promotion of artistic creativity in Palestinian society. Among its goals and objectives are:
- Organizing distinctive events and activities in the visual arts, literature, music and theater: With a focus on fostering explorations of Palestinian cultural identity, international cultural and artistic exchanges, and showcasing innovative artistic productions,
- Enriching local cultural life: Through the nurturing of new talents, and the development of artists’ creative skills.
- Promoting and supporting artistic ventures: Through striving towards a coordination of cultural policies, and the establishment of an endowment for the sustainable support of the arts.

Since its opening in May 1996, the Sakakini functioned as a branch of the Palestinian Ministry of Culture, albeit with programmatic independence. Within a year of its opening, the director of the KSCC initiated consultations assessing the Sakakini’s work, which recommended that in order to better fulfill its mission, the KSCC should change its status into a non governmental organization (NGO).
For that purpose, a founding board was convened in July 1997. Among its tasks were the drafting of bylaws and fundraising. In May 1998, the Sakakini obtained its NGO registration from the Palestinian Ministry of the Interior, and a tax-exempt status granted to non-profit organizations from the Ministry of Finance. In August 1998, an agreement was signed with the Ministry of Culture, whereby the Sakakini’s building remains the property of the Ministry, while its premises are used rent-free by the new Sakakini-NGO.

Former use : Former family home of Khalil Salem Salah, the mayor of Ramallah between 1947/1951. Built in 1927, this building is a model of traditional Palestinian architecture
Location : situated in a quiet area of the booming city of Ramallah -16 Klm. north of Jerusalem
Foundation year : 1996
Type of occupation : rent-free
Owner of the building : Palestinian Ministry of Culture


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The ground floor of the Centre is made up of a reception area and four rooms used as exhibit space
The first floor houses the Centre’s administration and the offices of the Al Karmel literary quarterly, edited by the poet Mahmoud Darwish
The top floor is made up of a large multipurpose room hosting most of the Centre’s activities
The garage was converted into a larger space to be used as a bookstore, built additional storage space, and a new outer wall and gate
A garden

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Social and artistic disciplines

Visual arts
Literature / poetry
Solidarity / citizenship

Financial support

Current sources of revenue are: donations, project-specific grants, members’ dues, partial coverage of overhead costs by the Carmel literary quarterly, and ticket sales from events held at the Centre.
The Sakakini’s first funding priority after its change of status is to establish an endowment fund to enable it to pursue its activities in financial security, and constitute a funding base for future cultural support initiatives in Palestine.
If you would like to financially support the work of the Centre, you can make a tax-free contribution to the Sakakini. Please Email us if you would like more information. Thank you for your support.

Modified on Friday 26 August 2005