Name of the responsible structure : InterSpace Media Art Centre
Type of structure : NGO
Profile of the initiators of the project : artists, informatics engineers and media makers
Continent : Europe
Country : Bulgaria
Address : 1202 Sofia 27, Benkovski Str. entrance B, ap.18
Telephone/fax : +359 (2) 983 48 43
E-mail :
Website :
Contact : Galia Dimitrova,


Since its foundation, InterSpace is actively inventing and implementing art projects, organizing events, promoting research, education and training, all linked to our attempt to contextualize, exploit the potential of and apply new technology to networking and community building.

Our present activities are organized in four major programs - education, art and culture, technologies and self sustainability, more about particular projects you can find on our website. We are currently developing our brand new artist-in-residence program, which opened its doors for residents in May, 2007. Artists can apply for residencies at, or on the website of the program at

Total surface of the site : 200 m2
Location : city center
Foundation year of the centre : 1998
Type of occupation : lease
Owner of the building : private

Infrastructures / Facilities

Currently InterSpace is occupying two separate apartments, situated next door to each other right in the heart of Sofia. One of the apartments is the InterSpace working laboratory, combining office space with wireless Internet connection and a media laboratory equipment and workstation. The InterSpace office occupies two rooms with up to eleven working places, six of them equipped with desktop computers, and a small multimedia room. The office disposes of two compact balconies, a kitchen and a restroom.

Our residential premises, AiR.Space, situated next door to the InterSpace office, allow its residents to use various equipment /including audio and video stations/ and be closely involved in all the activities of the organization. Used to full capacity, the multifunctional AiR.Space can host workshops, trainings and seminars for up to 25 participants. Presentations, screenings and exhibitions can be organized in other venues in Sofia in cooperation with partner organizations.

The residency offers a flexible space with three rooms, situated around a multifunctional meeting space/living room. The bedrooms can accomodate from 3 to 5 guests and/or residents, depending on the situation. The apartment disposes of a fully-equipped kitchen and a shared bathroom. It is situated on the first floor of an old building in a quiet neigbourhood, offering the space and tranquility for creative work along with providing an ideal floor for meetings, gatherings and parties.

Social and artistic disciplines

The present activities of InterSpace are organized in four major programs - education, art and culture, technologies and self-sustainability:

Education |

InterSpace has carried out a series of educational courses and programs, related to new technologies, digital media and culture management. Our aim is to increase the qualification in the field of new media and informational and communicational technologies, which is achieved through initiating and leading courses in new media, free and open source software for general use and open source software for multimedia instruments.

Art and culture |

In the past few years InterSpace has strengthened its name as a leading Bulgarian organization in the development of contemporary art, using technologies in the field of new media. We realize projects, which represent innovative artistic practices. Our regular events oriented towards local new media communities are: Net User Conference and Working camp, Cinemasports, Upgrade Sofia Meetings. Our residential program aims to network different contexts in contemporary arts and enrich the local art scene.

Technologies |

InterSpace operates a lab for research and development, creating and testing of open source software and new ICT solutions. As an organisation focusing on new and unique approaches, we ensure original technological solutions for implementing artistic projects. InterSpace has a leading role in building the Bulgarian community for open source multimedia products and its networking with international fora.

Self sustainability |

As an organisation with rich experience in the field of New media and technologies, InterSpace develops consultancy activities and runs its own Web studio.

Financial support

− Orbitel - Next Generation Telecom of Bulgaria
− Culture 2000 Programme
− MEDIA Programme
− Open Society Institute

- Information Program
− Daniel Langois Foundation
− Soros Center for Arts, Sofia
− Programme "Leonardo da Vinci"


− TheUpgrade! International
− European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centres (ENCATC)
− Radia

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