Name of the responsible structure: IC Culture Train
Type of structure: non-for-profit association
Profile of the initiators of the project: association
Continent: Europe
Address: Nizna Uvrat 25, Kosice
Tel: +421 948 136 604
Website: www.icct.sk
Email: pr@icct.sk
Contact: Lukas


Independent contemporary art centre which is focused on all disciplines of art.

Former use: Old community social centre
Total surface of the site: 710m2
Location: Suburbs
Type of occupation:free lending contract
Owner of the building: City Council

Infrastructure and facilities

Bar: 70 seats
Hall: 600 stands
Office: 40 m2
Room for meeting: 30 seats

Social and artistic disciplines

IC Culture Train is focusing on every discipline of contemporary art.

- Music (60% of activities)

- Visual arts

- Cinema

- Workshops

Beside the regular programme, the staff also works on two festivals: the Moon Ride, which takes place all around the city for 4 weeks, and the NuForm on the topic of new media and new music.

Other organisations on the site: Theater on the platform

Financial support

- Ministry of Culture of Slovakia

- Visegrad found


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Modified on Tuesday 6 May 2008