Name of the responsible structure : Dot
Type of structure : Company
Profile of the initiators of the project : 3 founding partners: artistic director/actor, executive producer, financial advisor
Continent : Europe
Country : Turkey
Address/tel/fax : ‹stiklal Caddesi Misir Apt. No: 311/23 Beyoglu 34430 Istanbul
Mail :
Website :
Contact : Esra A. Aysun


Dot is an institution for performing arts with a mission to function as a space of culture where the Istanbul audience is able to see outstanding works of current local and international writers. Dot maintains its activities in three sections of arts management, production and venue management. Dot cares to bring together local and international promising artists in its performances.
Dot acts as a focal point for establishing a network between the local and the international artists/institutions it works with.

Former use : residential space
Total surface of the site : 180 m2
Location : City
Foundation year of the centre : 2005
Type of occupation : monthly rent
Owner of the building : Koray Construction Company

Infrastructures / Facilities

Dot is set up on a 180m2 space, at the 4th floor of an apartment building.
Its seating capacity changes from 60 to 90 according to the setting up of the stage.
In terms of facilities it embodies a small entrance hall, one room used as the theatre and a small kitchen and two rest rooms.

Social and artistic disciplines

Dot is a space for theatre. Dot is interested in the “spirit of the age”. Dot conceives its repertoire either from contemporary texts or contemporary adaptions of the classical texts. The basic idea underlining the repertoire is to tell the story of the urban dweller.

Other structures/organisations resident on the site

Dot produces plays for its own repertoire and space. It is the only existing organization within its space.

Financial support

Supported financially by Bilsar (Textile Company), and supported in kind by Bang & Olufsen, Koleksyon (Furniture Company) and Theatre Magazine.


Member of IETM

Modified on Monday 26 June 2006