Name of the responsible structure : NOASS
Type of structure :
Profile of the initiators of the project :
Continent : Europe
Country : Latvia
Address/tel/fax : Culture and Art Project NOASS
11 Novembra krastmala 35
Riga, LV-1050
Website :
Contact : Dzintars Zilgalvis, director


The social organisation, ’’Culture and art project, NOASS’’ is the
creative intelligences association whose working goals are:
* to encourage and support modern art;
* to expand its experience of organising exhibitions, and to
participate in curator and art manager training;
* to support the interaction of culture and art and to synthesize projects;
* to support experiments and the use of new technologies in artists’
creative work;
* to popularize real ways of expressing culture and art;
* to create a new modern art exhibition centre which is connected with
the city centre, giving artists the opportunity to explore the theme
of water, encompassing the Daugava as an exhibition
place/surface/space/composition element/part of an object.

S/O NOASS has established a non- commercial modern cultural centre on
the ’Noass’. This boat, with its exhibition and conference hall, is
anchored by AB Dambis, in front of the Radisson SAS Daugava Hotel.
At the moment, work is going ahead on new projects NOASS VIDEO and
the floating stage BETANOVUSS.


BETANOVUSS is a new space on the water. The boat BETANOVUSS has a deck of 331 m3, a hall of 197m3, an amphitheatre of 49m3 and a balcony of 49m3 and it is envisaged that there will be theatrical performances for 80-120 people, with video projections on four 7x5m double-sided screens. It will also be possible to see the video images from the shore on the sides of the boat as well as to turn the stage towards the shore and have the audience sitting there, therefore maximising the size of the audience. There is also a gallery space of 131m3, suitable for modern art exhibitions as well as adjoining auxillary rooms with a space of 131m3 and 54m3. The boat, BETANOVUSS will be a venue for modern dance performances, drama and music festivals and modern art exhibitions. It is possible to relocate the multi-functional boat anywhere on the Daugava.

Artistic and social disciplines

- Theatre
- Danse
- Visual Arts (annual videoart festival Waterpieces, exchanges on an international level of the works of video artists as well as communication).

Financial support

- Domeness (Solutions for New media & Broadcast Professional]

- Culture Capital Foundation

Partners for Noass:
- Riga City Council Culture Administration

- RUKIS Ltd.

- Freeport of Riga Authorities

- Tha artists’ union of latvia

- Bureau Merchandise

- AD Agency

- Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art
- The Council Riga

Partners for BETANOVUSS:

New Theatre Institute of Latvia

Modern Dance Centre of Latvia

Modified on Friday 10 June 2011