Name of the responsible structure : Amakoshi TSC Centre
Continent : Africa
Country : Zimbabwe
Address : Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Mail :
Contact : Aubrey Nkalatsha – operations Manager / Priscillia Sithole – artistic Director
Fortune Ruzungunde, secretary


Amakoshi was founded in by Cont Mhlanga 1982, in the oldest township of Makokoba in the city of Bulawayo, Western region of Zimbabwe as a youth karate club. Amakoshi turned semi professional in 1988, creating its first pilot centre, Amakoshi Permorming Arts Workshop (APAW) producing and touring theatre plays, written and directed by Cont Mhlanga nationally
winning numerous national awards. The same year, the pilot centre, APAW established Zimbabwe’s first full time arts training workshop for all arts disciplines.
In 1995, Amakoshi establishedZimbabwe’s first privately owned Cultural Centre located in the boundaries of the city centre and the townships, now popularly known as Township Square Cultural Centre. APAW moved to the new premises in 1997 and established a full arts business
operation at the centre in 1998.
To date the centre remains the only economic anchor for the Arts and Cultural industry in Bulawayo’s business district, and the only one of this kind in Zimbabwe. Amakoshi TSC Centre does not receive any state funding.
Currently the centre has ten categories of activities : the performing art programme ; the social theatre programme ; the education programme ; the arts in education programme ; the film and video programme ; artist residency programme ; the Inxusa festival ; the humanities programme ; the talent showcase.


Kwakalulama amphitheatre seats as a capacity of 2000 people
The stage restaurant sits a capacity of 150 people
A gift shop, selling artistic products and Amakoshi souvenirs, a regional cultural magazine published by Amakoshi and various tapes, cd’s and music videos by various zimbabwean musicians
The Nedma gardens can accomodate 5000 people
The indoor theatre upstairs to be completed will accomodate 350 people
The show time bar
The traditional VIP loundge at the African village to be completed will sit 100 people

Social and artistic disciplines

Contemporary theatre : Residencies / Creation / Production / Diffusion / Training Workshop / Spaces rental / Debates / Lecture / Conferences / Festivals

Music : Residencies / Creation / Production / Diffusion / Training Workshop / Spaces rental / Debates / Lecture / Conferences / Festivals

Contemporary dance : Creation / Production / Diffusion / Training
Workshop / Spaces rental / Debates / Lecture / Conferences / Festivals

Visual art : Residencies / Creation / Production / Diffusion / Training Workshop / Spaces rental / Debates / Lecture / Conferences / Festivals

Cinema - Audiovisual : Training Workshop

Solidarity - Citizenship : Residencies / Creation / Production / Diffusion / Training Workshop / Spaces rental / Debates / Lecture / Conferences / Festivals

- The performing art programme : Amakoshi TSC showcase the talent of local and national artists, enlightening the community to a variety of arts forms and entertaining them in a way that encourages their ongoing support for the arts, at the centre stages, streets, parks, clubs, wedding, private functions, scholls, colleges and on district, national, regional and international tours.
- The social theatre programme : the centre runs and produces Zimbabwe’s most comprehensive social theatre performances as part of its entertaining and education concept dubbed " Theater for social change ".This is a type of road performance shows deliberatly created to adress specifically their public’s attitude, habits and traditional misconceptions on various issues,
topics and agendas.
- The education programme : Youth in Arts is an on going activity that provides exposure and training in arts disciplines for youth,ages 7 to 17 who otherwise would not have such opportunities.
- The arts in education programme : This programme provides comprehensive arts experience to public schools in Bulawayo Township and to students in private colleges and outlying schools districts.
- The film and video programme : Amakoshi TSC runs a video production ressource centre with super VHS cameras and editing suit. It runs short courses in video and film production, commissioning small 15 to 60 minutes video dramaproductions, docu-dramas and documentaries.
- Artist residency programme : The centre has complementary Artists residency programmes. This is the only programme of its kind in Zimbabwe to provide financial, technical and in kind support for the performing artists.
- The Inxusa festival : This is Zimbabwe’s biggest annual national arts festival, presenting local and national artists and provides opportunities for the community of Bulawayo to enjoy and celebrate the arts.
- The humanities programme : The Centre’s humanities programmes brings meaning to our presentations and artists through activities and engage the community in dialogue with elders, traditionalists, students, other organisations, and internationalexchange programmes. " Inhloko Yamadoda "is one such humanities activity that takes place at the centre every last Saturday of the month, bringing chiefs, politicians, community leaders, students and young people from all walks ofd life for this very popular general discussions tha covers various issues from a cultural perspectives. It is the only traditional school of learning in Zimbabwe.
- The talent showcase : This is a weekly series of free performances to the public of Bulawayo by new and lesser known local talent presented at the centre’s space " The stage Restaurant " in a cabaret setting, that accomodates 150 people.

Financial support

Amakoshi TSC Centre does not receive any state funding
Amakoshi TSC Centre also serve as a rental facility for the Arts, Social, Civic and business organisations to host their programmes and activities


Amakoshi TSC Centre develop strong links with other structures locally, nationally, regionally and internationaly, as well as in the business community.