National funding

Egmont Fonden

Geographic focus : projects taking place in Denmark only. The Egmont Foundation focuses on initiatives which contribute to creating permanent improvements for children and young people. Activities : Society Health Education : initiatives which develop curiosity, imagination and creativity for children Arts and Culture : to develop a cultural communication, artistic activities, a cultural heritage Focus : children and youth Type of support : Grants given to very innovative (...)

Fondazione Monte dei Paschi di Siena

Geographic focus : The city of Siena and its province in Italy. The Fondazione Monte dei Paschi di Siena has for mission to pursue social welfare projects, in order to favour and encourage the creation and development of productive activities and the enhancement of economic resources; and to pursue the objective of carrying out community service and philanthropic work. Activities : Scientific research : Università degli Studi di Siena: the Foundation finances scholarships for doctoral (...)

Fundatia Pentru O Societate Deschisa

Geographic focus: Roumanie. Fundatia Pentru O Societate Deschisa aims at supporting the development of civil society in Romania by upholding the values of freedom, democracy and the rule of law; respecting human rights and minorities. Activities : East East Program East East for Southeastern Europe European Integration Society : enhancement of public opinion Minorities activities : *Health Assistance for Roma Communities, all medical services available, to lower the number of deaths, (...)

Haci Ömer Sabanci Foundation

Geographic Focus: Turkey. Haci Ömer Sabanci Foundation aims at contributing to national activities and institutions in health, education, culture, sports and the arts. Activities : Education : scholarship programmes for undergraduate and graduate students. Building : building schools, hostels, cultural centres, sports, health facilities, and donating them to the community The Sakip Sabanci and Sabanci Foundation Awards: awarded each year to the most successful person engaged in sport, (...)

Vakiflar Idaresi

Geographic Focus: In northern Cyprus. Vakiflar Idaresi aims at allocating foundation resources for public benefit and for the social, economic and cultural needs of society. Activities : Education : for primary and secondary education plus cultural activities. Focus of the programme: MENA countries (Middle East and North African), and in particular the MENA countries on the Mediterranean Sea, and on the interactions between MENA and Europe. Historic and cultural preservation : (...)

International Renaissance Foundation

Geographic Focus: Primarily Ukraine. The International Renaissance Foundation aims at fostering, both financially and organisationally, the formation of a democratic, open society in Ukraine by supporting civil initiatives that have a strong impact on civil society development. Activities : Education : Supports reform in the educational system. Information : Publishes books that promote free dissemination of information; popularise open society values and mutual understanding between (...)

Nadácia pre Deti Slovenska

Geographic Focus: Slovak Republic. Nadácia pre Deti Slovenska aims at contributing to the positive development of children and youth people, especially in regards to their characters and skills, by providing the basic necessary support and services. Activities : Children’s hour : integration into the real life (participation in all areas, partnership with everybody, development of their skills…), development of a healthy and menace less environment. Get to know your money : develop their (...)

Bratislava Community Foundation

Geographic Focus: Bratislava. Bratislava Community Foundation aims at developing different forms of philanthropy and good relations among the inhabitants of Bratislava, through supporting the promotion of positive attitudes towards their city, and sharing responsibility for the quality of life in Bratislava. Activities : Art Youth Education Programme for people living in blocks of flats People in need Programme for the renewal of the atmosphere of old Bratislava Type (...)

Blagotvoritelny Fond razvitiya goroda Tyumeni

Geographic focus : Tyuemen and its region. Blagotvoritelny Fond razvitiya goroda Tyumeni aims at creating vehicles that encourage cooperation among government, businesses and non-profit organisations in solving social problems. Activities : Local social, cultural and education programs: Citizen groups that solve important social problems Organisations for disabled and aged people Groups supporting children and teenagers Non-profit organisations working in the social sphere (...)

Fundacja Bankowa im. Leopolda Kronenberga

Geographic focus : Poland. Fundacja Bankowa im. Leopolda Kronenberga is working on to support initiatives for the public good. Activities : Education : reform and improvement Economy Arts and Culture: cultural heritage preservation, promotion of young artists Health : quality improvement Social policy Type of support: Awards/prizes Grants Conferences/seminars Technical assistance Fellowships (primarily undergraduate) Publications Research Public Associations Foundations (...)

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