South America

Arquetopia Foundation for Development - Puebla

Arquetopia is an award-winning, Mexican official nonprofit foundation promoting Development, social transformation and productivity through artistic, cultural, and educational programs. The core of the Foundation is Sustainable Development through four principles embodied in all of Arquetopia’s programs and activities: social awareness, shared responsibility, innovation, and local networks development.

Proyecto mARTadero - Bolivia

As a comprehensive project for the development of arts and culture towards social change, we work for social development through art and culture, doing so through 7 areas of artistic creation and 7 social development programs, both based on 7 principles: seven maxims founded upon the clear objectives of innovation, research, experimentation, whilst promoting conceptual and formal stringency, integration, exchange and interculturality as the criteria to be applied to all the proposals that are generated, supported or organized by the project. These principles convey the project’s core values and communicate our belief in the potential for creating a better future.

Residencia Corazón/ The Heart Residency - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Contact Name of the responsible structure: Rodrigo Mirto & Juan Pablo Ferrer Type of structure: Profile of the initiators of the project: Artist & Host Continent : South América Country : Argentina Address: City of La Plata. Diagonal 77 nº 195 (C.P. 1900)// TEL: +54-0221-154009602 Mail Website : Description Short history/project description (few lines) : The Heart Residency objective is to generate and make possible a personalized, free (...)

Casa das caldeiras - Sao Paulo

Casa das Caldeiras is situated in the district of Agua Branca, the Western zone of the city of Sao Paulo, not so far from the historical centre. Currently the city is expanding towards the south, so the site is not directly situated in an area of expansion. However, Agua Branca is next to the district of Lapa, which is a pleasant residential zone, traditionally an Italian district. Moreover the surrounding infrastructure and the access to Casa das Caldeiras are very good with many (...)

Galería Metropolitana - Santiago

Contact Name of the responsible structure: Luis Alarcón - Ana María Saavedra Type of structure : Galería Metropolitana is a non profit Art Space Profile of the initiators of the project : Contemporany Art Space Continent: Latin America Country: Chile Address/tel/fax: Félix Mendelssohn 2941 / P.A.C / Santiago / (56-2)563 0506 Mail or mail 2 Website Contact: Luis Alarcón - Ana María Saavedra Description Galería Metropolitana is a unique art space in Santiago because of its (...)

La Fabrica - Buenos Aires

Contact Name of the responsible structure : La fabrica Type of structure : association Profile of the initiators of the project : students, artists, musicians, hand crafters, photographs, citizens Continent : America Country : Argentina Address/tel/fax : sarmiento 1710, Lanus Este 1824 Provincia de Buenos Aires mob :54 11 15 44 39 01 82 Mail : Contact : Gustavo Quintana Description In 1995, different people from diverse horizons got together in order (...)

Maitena de Amorrortu - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Contact : Name of the responsible structure : Maitena de Amorrortu Type of structure : private, familiar Profile of the initiators of the project : artistic family Continent : South America Country : Argentina Contact : Maitena de Amorrortu Description Built in 22 years, without plans, like a children that builds castles in the sand, the place is the perfect spot for artistic inspiration. The project tends to gradually start receiving international artists, for them to find (...)

Sacatar Foundation - Itaparica

The Sacatar Foundation is a nonprofit corporation registered in the United States. Contact : Sacatar Foundation PO Box 2612 Pasadena CA 91102 United States Tel : 1 626 440 9688 Fax : 1 626 449 1557 website : e-mail : Taylor Van Horne, Executive Director Description The principal residence (600m2) contains five bedroom suites (two of which have attached offices), two rooms currently used as studios, a large kitchen, a dining room, a living (...)

Espacio vacio - Bogota

Contact Name of the responsible structure: Jaime Iregui Type of structure: non profit organization Profile of the initiators of the project : Jose Hernandez is a journalist and art collector. Jaime Iregui is an artist and his work is focused in spatial issues in the physical, conceptual and antrophological levels. Continent : America Country : Colombia Address: kra 15 A # 58-74 City: Bogota Tel / fax : + 57 1 287 6297 Mail : Website : (...)

Programa Art Center - Mexico

Contact Type of structure : NGO Continent : SOUTH AMERICA Country : Mexico Address/tel/fax : Goethe 15 colonia anzures c.p. 11590 Mexico D.f. Mexico tel :+ 52 54 05 50 / + 52 54 0170 Mail : Website : Contact : Inaki Bonillas Description Programa is an art space dedicated to the promotion, production and diffusion of the most actual tendencies in contemporary art. Programa means to bring a new vision to the city and to the (...)