Public policies

Local Cultural Policies Handbook

Local Cultural Policies Handbook Local Cultural Policies Handbook – Steps, Tools and Case studies is now available in English. Previously only available in Turkish (Istanbul Bilgi University Press, 2011), this publication pulls together new methodological tools and diverse practical experiences from civic participation in local cultural policy development from across Turkey. With contributions by renowned experts, and edited by Eylem Ertürk from Anadolu Kültü, it is based on knowledge and field experiences from the ECF, (...)

Lithuanian Cultural policy towards Innovative initiatives

Speech by Gintaras Sodeika Vice-minister of Culture of Lithuania This official speech was given during the seminar "Managing Performing Arts across Europe " held in Vilnius and organised by the Arts Printing House Vilnius in collaboration with the New Theatre Institute of Latvia and Theorem, on 29 May 2003. Dear organizers, participants, and guest of the meeting, I would like to use this pleasant duty of opening the first session of the seminar "Conversion of former industrial (...)

Independent art spaces in Asia

To know more about the relation between public policies and independent art spaces in some Asian countries please check the report of the "IN-BETWEEN : INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE-EXHIBIT ON INDEPENDENT ART SPACE" held in HONG KONG, NOVEMBER 2001"


Asian Priorities in the Provision of Spaces for the Arts – Taiwan Experiences presented at La Friche la Belle de Mai (Marseille / France) by Margaret Shiu Tan during the International seminar "New arts arenas" (14th-16th february 2002) Inter and Intra Differences in Development Paths There may be vast differences with Asian countries in their economic, historical, social and political background. But we nonetheless have a common denominator as being nonwestern and currently fully aware (...)


Council of Europe in cooperation with Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia Program MOSAIC Workshop on Management of Independent Cultural Centres Ljubljana, 14 September 2000 Vesna Copic "INSTRUMENTS OF THE PUBLIC AUTHORITIES TO SUPPORT NON INSTITUTIONAL CULTURE" a few examples The term “public authorities” covers the state and local authorities at all levels. Depending on the way in which local government is organised, these levels can be regions, departments, counties, (...)


Speech by the State Secretary for Education, Culture and Science, Mr Rick Van Der Ploeg During 47th TEH meeting in Amsterdam, April 1999 It is a pleasure for me to take the floor. I welcome all of you to our big little country, the biggest of the little one. I hope that in between the programme of this conference, you will have the opportunity to see something of the Netherlands. For those of you who have been here before, you may have noticed the Netherlands has grown greyer but also (...)