3331 Arts CYD - Tokyo

3331 - a place to encounter multiple expressions

Based in the renovated Rensei Junior High School 3331 Arts Chiyoda creates a space in which leading artists and creatives have the freedom to present their diverse expressions. 3331 brings together cutting edge art with the familiar everyday.


Youkobo Art Space - Tokyo

Continent : Asia Country : Japan Address : Zempukuji 3-2-10, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, 167-0041 Tel: +81-3-5930-5009 Fax: +81-3-3399-7549 Mail : info(at)youkobo.co.jp Website : www.youkobo.co.jp Contact : Tatsuhiko Murata Description Short story of the organisation Youkobo Art Space is an independent and dynamic creative center. It provides a unique space for wide-ranging international exchange and cross-cultural experience, where foreign and domestic artists and people from the local (...)|image_reduire{200,0}

Red Brick Warehouse Number 1 Space

Contact Name of the responsible structure : Red Brick Warehouse Type of structure : Initiators : Yokohama Arts Foundation Continent : Asia Country : Japan Adresse : Yokohama, Japan Tel : 045(211)15 15 Fax : 045(211)1519 Mail : Site Web : www.yokohama-akarenga.jp Contact : Description The Red Brick Warehouse is an exchange and interaction center, mainly dedicated to contemporary art and contemporary dance. The whole project consists in promoting emerging artits and (...)|image_reduire{200,0}

BankART 1929

Contact Name of the responsible structure : BankART 1929 Type of structure : Initiators profile: BankART Continent : Asia Country : Japan Address : Yokohama, Japan TEL : 045-663-2812 FAX : 045-663-2813 Mail : info@bankart1929 Website : www.bankart1929.com Description The BankART 1929 is an experiment of utilizing historic buildings for the purpose of art and culture. The intention is to create a place for artistic and cultural incubation and to accept a wide range of (...)|image_reduire{200,0}

ST Spot

Contact Name of the responsible structure : ST Spot Yokohama Type of structure : non-profit organization Initiators profile : ST Spot Yokohama association Continent : Asia Country : Japon Address : Yokohama ST Bldg. B1, 1-11-15 Kitasaiwai Nishi-ku; Yokohama 220-0004, Japon Tel: 81-45-325-0411 Fax: 81-45-325-0414 Mail : mail@spot.org Website : www.stspot.org Contact : Yumina Kato, Director - Akane Nakamura, Program Director de la programmation Description ST Spot is an (...)|image_reduire{200,0}

Maejima Art Center - Okinawa

Contact Type of structure : Non-Profit-Organization Continent : Asia Country : Japan Address/tel/fax : Takasago Bldg. 3-16-2 Maejima 900-0016 Naha, Okinawa tel :. 098-863-0244 Fax 098-863-0244 Mail : Website : and Contact : Titus Spree, Chikako Yamashiro Description The Maejima Art Center was founded in 2001 and became a Japanese government accredited Non-Profit-Organization in 2002. It’s main objective is to promote contemporary art in Okinawa and to provide (...)|image_reduire{200,0}

Command N

Contact Name of the responsible structure : Command N Type of structure : non for profit association Profile of the initiators of the project : artists Continent : Asia Country : Japan Address: Machizukuri House Akiba 1-7-1, Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0021 Tel: (81-3) 5297 3506 Fax: (81-3) 5297 3507 Mail : commandn@anet.ne.jp Website : webs.to/command-N Description Command N, established in April 1998, is a new independent art space run by artists, art producers, (...)|image_reduire{200,0}

CAP House

Contact Name of the responsible structure : CAP House Type of structure : non for profit association Profile of the initiators of the project : artists collective Continent : Asia Country : Japan Address : zip:650 - 0003 3-19-8 Yamamoto-dori, Chuo-ku; Kobe, Japan Tel/Fax : +81(0) 78-230-8707 Mail : caphouse@cap-kobe.com Website : www.cap-kobe.com Contact : Tomoko SUGIYAMA, Artist/President - Nobuhisa SHIMODA, Director Description C.A.P (Conference on Art and Art (...)|image_reduire{200,0}