Conferences, seminars, meetings

Meeting - Trans Europe Halles Meeting64 - Helsinki&Hämeenlinna/Finland

International meeting: from the territory in crisis to the territory of art

Meeting - Trans Europe Halles Meeting63 - Vilnius/Lituanie

Trans Europe Halles is the European network of independent places of culture, for the majority installed in waste lands rehabilitated in multidisciplinary artistic centers. Created at the beginning of the Eighties, TEH joins together currently more than 44 members coming from 25 European countries.

The 2nd "in-between" International Alternative Space Conference - Seoul

The opening up of cultural institutions - Banlieues d'Europe

The opening up of cultural institutions to a new public in Europe, towards new territorial cultural policies 21 and 22 November in Reims, France

Managing Performing Arts across Europe - Theorem

"The Role of Arts Centres in Civil Society" - Trans Europe Halles

City Arts Centre: The Civil Arts Inquiry The Role of Arts Centres in Civil Society - a Major Symposium with Irish and European Speakers. Taking place in the Axis Arts Centre, Ballymun, 28 February and 1 March 2003.