We are very happy to send on the good news from Z-Bau in Nuremburg, see the press letter from Stephan Grosse-Grollmann and Willi Reichel below!

Dear Madams and Sirs.

The Kulturausschuss (cultural commission) decided today (Friday, 9th July 2010) to reconstruct the Z-Bau, to make it useable as a building and, in the long run, to develop it into a cultural centre for innovative, experimental and sub-cultural forms of expression in the fields of production and events. Now, after long years of waiting, doubting and questioning, a distinct decision was finally taken.

We, as long-standing operators of the Z-Bau cultural centre, appreciate this magnificent decision. It shows that the great feedback of our visitors, particularly during the last 10 weeks, the various users’ activities for the preservation of the Z-Bau and the international echo were finally crowned with success.

We are convinced that the Z-Bau still has great potential to develop its role as a place for creativity for many forms of culture and to increase its interregional vibrancy. The first ten years were characterised by pioneering work, developing a lively place of culture out of a casern fraught with political and physical pollutants. Advancing from what has been reached thus far and the potential to grow in substance, staff and space will be the next phase for the Z-Bau cultural centre. The decision of this Friday is one for a creative future of the house. The courage for this will pay off.

We wish to thank all supporters of this decision.

Nuremberg, on the 9th July 2010

Kulturzentrum Z-Bau, Stephan Grosse-Grollmann and Willi Reichel

— -
Last week Z-Bau (Nà¼rnberg, Germany) were unexpectedly informed that the cultural department of the City of Nà¼rnberg has proposed to close the centre and tear down the building. According to the proposal, one of the main reasons for the planned closure is the current financial situation of the City of Nà¼rnberg.

Z-Bau has put nearly ten years of hard work in the building, which is owned by the City, and turned it into a cultural centre with around 70.000 visitors per year. Thanks to negotiations on regional level, the EU has recently agreed to support renovations of the building with €2.5 million. In spite of this, the head of culture in Nà¼rnberg has now proposed to tear it down. On Friday the 29th of April, the culture commission of the City Council has to decide on the case.

Support actions have already been taken by several Trans Europe Halles members, ARTfactories/Autre(s)pARTs and the french Mission NTA. We have all sent letters to the mayor, the cultural department and the political parties in Nà¼rnberg. At the time of writing, the majority party of the city parliament, SPD-Stadtratsfraktion Nà¼rnberg, holds a meeting on the proposal. Immediate action is of great importance to the Z-Bau team. Please react by expressing your believe in independent culture to those in power!

Please see this letter from Willi Reichel, member of Z-Bau team, explaining the situation.

Modified on Wednesday 21 July 2010