Continent : Asia
Country : Japan
Address : Zempukuji 3-2-10, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, 167-0041
Tel: +81-3-5930-5009
Fax: +81-3-3399-7549
Mail : info(at)
Website :
Contact : Tatsuhiko Murata


Short story of the organisation
Youkobo Art Space is an independent and dynamic creative center. It provides a unique space for wide-ranging international exchange and cross-cultural experience, where foreign and domestic artists and people from the local community can meet and communicate with one another through exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and a variety of other events using Youkobo’s facilities.

The AIR Program at Youkobo is focused on providing overseas artists with the opportunity to expand the scope of their activities through a prolonged stay in the metropolis of Tokyo. In addition, it also provides the people of the area with an opportunity to experience and enjoy a variety of genres of contemporary art.

Former use

Used as a clinic and sanatorium during the 1950s. Since the 1980s it has served as a space for art education, a sculpture studio, and animation studio. In 2001 it was reborn as the comprehensive art facility, Youkobo Art Space.

Total surface of the site : 210m squared
Location (city, suburbs, disused area, rural): suburbs close to the city
Foundation year of the centre : 2001
Owner of the building : Tatsuhiko and Hiroko Murata


Office, community lounge, gallery, two studio spaces and two residence spaces

Community lounge
: 15m sq. on the ground floor. A space for relaxation, communication and information-sharing. Connected to the gallery Has internet access, toilet, and a comprehensive collection of AIR materials from Japan and overseas.

Gallery: 20m sq., ground floor. Has two usable walls, good natural light. Can be darkened and has ceiling-mounted spotlights, air conditioning, and LAN access.

Studio A: 33m sq., ceiling height 5m. Usable as studio/exhibition space. Concrete floor, very large sliding door opening onto the street, connected to courtyard garden, and to residence 1. Equipped with ceiling-mounted spotlights, LAN access, electricity, water, kerosene heater.

Studio B
: 36m sq., ceiling height 3m. Usable as studio/ exhibition space. High ceiling with exposed steel framing, filled with natural light and a unique atmosphere. Equipped with ceiling-mounted spotlights, air-conditioning, and heat. Large moveable panels for freely reconfiguring the space (19 panels, each 1m à— 2.6m). Toilet, water, refrigerator, water heater. Temporary residential use possible.

Residence 1: 35m sq. ground floor. Japanese-style residence with fully-equipped kitchen, toilet, bath. Opens onto courtyard garden and is connected to studio A. Equipped with air-conditioning, LAN access, refrigerator, microwave, washer, vacuum cleaner, TV, radio, futon, etc. Bicycle and heater also available. Can accommodate two people.

Residence 2: 35m sq. second floor. Western-style residence with fully-equipped kitchen, toilet, bath and bed. South-facing veranda overlooks courtyard garden. Furnishings same as residence 1.

Social and artistic disciplines

Visual arts:

- artist residencies, exhibitions
- community-based projects and workshops
- and an ongoing internship program (GIP: Global Internship Program): young art managers have the opportunity to get hands on experience in all aspects of the running of an active art facility

Financial support

Some government and private funding for projects.


- Res Artis
- J-AIR Network (Japan Artist in Residence Network)
- Intra Asia Network
- JTAA (Japan Turkey Artists’ Association)

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